Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Last Hoorah

I realized today that tomorrow is New Year's Eve!! Holy crap! When did time all of a sudden run so fast? Anywho, after my freak-out I realized I needed to end my year with a BANG. For lunch I had tri-tip at Buckhorn and for dinner I had Nation's with Richard.
 I ate a bacon cheeseburger with everything. Nation's is known for their generous vegetable servings (double slices of onions, tomatoes and lettuce) and their chili fries.
It was heaven but although I wanted to finish it, I couldn't muster the strength to finish the last couple of bites. Let's hope that I don't regret this later. I just hope I can be able to clear my body of meat toxins and hope that I don't miss it. Or I don't know let's just say this is more of a test in my spirituality than it is for health reasons. Oh yeah it's also for animal-rights reasons as well.

So I am getting excited for New Year's Eve tomorrow because I am entering the new year with my one true love, Richard. It's been a shitty year and my mom told me to never let Richard go again or she actually basically said to not fuck it up this time.

We don't really have anything planned but we just wanted to be together that day. So, we will be walking along the pier and watch the fireworks but I'm also taking the moment to dress to the nines.

Here are my choices:

1. H&M pink slip dress (originally $50! but got it for $10 red tag woot woot!), my tuxedo blazer with the satin lapels, opaque tights (I do not wear a dress without tights), Tory Burch flats since I will be walking around and heels didn't seem worth it if I'm not going to be drunk and hopefully the feather headband I will be making if not the Chanel headbang.

2. Black skinny pants, pink ballet flats (Topshop), Vince slate bubble tank, cropped blazer and the same hair stuff.

Depends how I'm feeling but I do wanna do #1 and ring in the new year stylishly!

What are you girlies doing for New Years Eve?

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Recovery is hard. I bet you anyone who's going through something mentally as well as physically hard is going to tell you how hard it is. I am currently recovering from alcohol, drugs and depression. It's weird because I just never thought I'd be the kind of person to go through something this crazy but I guess you never know until you go through with it yourself. Right now I'm sober and I have been sober for a couple of months. My recovery plan is therapy with Richard, eating healthy, trying to live day by day and hopefully start training for a triathlon with Richard.


It's really hard being just normal and happy after being so depressed and sedated for so long. Everything that wasn't such a big deal before is  super stressful now. Things that didn't bother me before get on my nerves now. Depression is like the River of Styx. It's always trying to pull me under. Arms are always reaching for me and it's always so tempting.

So for the new year I need to start anew.


1. Be a pescatarian. I know I've tried a million times to be vegetarian it has come to my conclusion that  healthy food = healthy body = healthy mind. I feel that it can help me recover because I do believe food can do wonders. Meat has been making me feel way too full and guilty (because I love animals too much!) so I decided omitting the main meats for now and just stick with fish until I can feel that I can go on without that too.

2. Be active. I miss competitive sports. I miss the adrenaline, the stress and mostly the satisfaction that I know I can conquer anything hard. Richard and I will be training for triathlons, dualathon, half marathons and marathons.

3. Do great in school. I feel that school has been such a big obstacle to get through to the real world so I need to finish good and fast!

Let's all hope and pray 2011 will be a good year!

Other than that, I've been inhaling coffees.

 I need a coffee to get through the day.
I've also been somewhat more active at work and participated on our bulletin. What else would a foodie say? LOL

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Monday, December 27, 2010


I am currently watching this sheer ridiculousness known as I'm Still Here. As many of you may know, it is Joaquin Phoenix's mockumentary? or documentary on his life. Let's just say I may be a bit worried that Netflix would recommend me something this raunchy to me. They also recommended me Hoarder's and South Park, what does this say about me you guys?
 I finally got my Christmas breakfast two days after Christmas. Very indulgent, very greasy, very buttery and to top it all off I had a croutin toast (it was left in the toaster for too long). I feel greasy and I need to drink lots of tea to break up the oil and grease inside me. I wish I still had Alli pills so I can just poop the oil out. TMI. I know.
 Maximus always lays low. He likes to snuggle under the blanket and act like a secret agent. He makes me laugh.

I felt like getting out of the house plus I needed an oil change so I went to Michael's. A little girl with no plans and a huge craft store? Dangerous. I was browsing in the store for an hour and I felt kind of out of place. There were just a bunch of spinsters and older white women buying a bunch of fake flowers and scrapebook items. I found a few treasures of my own.
 I thought for 5 minutes whether or not it was a good idea/investment to bedazzle my iPhone. The idea was soon forgotten as I realized it is no longer the 90's.
Then I saw these little baggies and I immediately came to the realization that Michael's supplies drug dealers with the little baggies. This is where Joaquin Phoenix's drug dealer got his little baggies to fill his cocaine with. I wonder if they keep tracks on people who buy these....

I am now going to glue feathers on ribbons and see if I can do something crafty.

Love you!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Obsessions

 1. Natalie Portman, ballet, chic buns, dangly earrings basically anything in the movie, Black Swan and anything Natalie Portman touched or breathed on.

I've always had a desire to be a ballerina when I was a young girl and would always walk on my tippy toes and always wanted to wear the tutus I saw at Nordstrom. 22 years later, I always wear high buns, lust after that BCBG ballet dress and make sure I have a million pairs of ballet flats.
 2. Over the knee boots.

Something I thought I could never get away with until I wore a pair myself. I shall buy a pair when they are on sale.
 3. Skeleton keys.

Can get a whole bunch on ebay for super cheap. It goes with everything you wear. I want to rock these like Miranda Priestly does with white Hermes scarves!
 4. Bangs. Erin Lucas. Enough said.
5. Notebooks.

I make sure all say my name, have blank pages for me to go wild and make sure it's always near me so I can write every thought down.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wake up this morning ready to watch The Christmas Story, Elf and the Christmas breakfast my sister and I thoughtfully prepared to make this morning but instead I woke up to my mom bitching at me for the leftovers I brought home from work last night. My sister just stood there while I was getting scolded and didn't even stand up for me because she had actually taken the food out and eaten it.

Here's my shitty Christmas situation:

-I haven't spoken to my dad since his birthday dinner (Dec. 13) after he had bitched at me for sleeping on the couch because I was sick. Then compared my lazy ass to my sister (which is not even true).
-Situation with Richard isn't the best. Everything I had thought he meant didn't mean the way I thought it meant.
-Worked till closing on Christmas Eve and due to working early the day after Christmas.
-My feet are killing me and I seriously don't want to be with family right now. I can just hear them saying crap about me and I am in no mood for it.

Sigh, let's please get this year over with and hope that 2011 will be a turnaround year for me.

These are old pictures but I ate out with my cousin and sister to a Japanese restaurant on Sloat called Toyo Sushi.
 We first got green tea that was piping hot which was good because it was freezing in the restaurant!!
 Then I had some seaweed salad and a regular green salad that came with my entree.
 New York Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll was shared among the three girls.
And of course I got udon because it's my favorite and again San Francisco is freezing right now.

Anyways, I need to get ready to go to my aunt's house for the family Christmas feast or whatever.

Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Organized Chaos

Also known as my life. I woke up late this morning (10:30) and for some reason I felt like texting my friend Jena, whom I haven't seen in months and she immediately called me. She was frantic and panicky and she was feeling like poo because she lost her license and also got in a little fender bender this weekend. Little did she remember, I actually had a spare of hers in my wallet! Coincidence you say? She also said she dreamt of me last night (obviously in a nonsexual way) and wanted to call me. We talked, drove, drank some coffee and smoked some cigarettes and it felt nice. She always made me feel good and she was there for me this summer and today I was there for her. We had a short time today but we both said goodbye in the cold morning and said I love yous. I guess true friends will always be friends no matter how long you haven't seen them.
 After being out in the cold with Jena, I came home and made myself a nice brunch because I was actually looking forward to it on my day off. I made a two egg omelette with broccoli, green bell pepper, tomatoes and parmesan cheese. I also made roasted yukon potatoes which I generously dipped in ketchup. Although this was on my kiddy Hello Kitty children's cafeteria plate, it was a lot of food.

Then I put together a To-Do list and I actually got 90% of it done! Such as cleaning my room (number one on my list for a long time).

This is where the organized chaos comes to play.
 This was all the makeup randomly found in different areas of my room. I perfectly aligned all of my makeup on my drafting table and realized I had way too much. This is the makeup not included in my bag or makeup stored in another bag.
 Same picture but with flash.
 Some of my unworn shoes perfectly aligned on the floor. Those would have to be 3 Steve Madden shoes that I got on sale! Half off baby! My silver Tory Burch flats (gold flats already worn and in the garage), TopShop ballet flats that I got for $30 and American Eagle flats that I got for $15! I hoard shoes like I hoard makeup.
 Then I smashed a couple of my shoe boxed to make room under my bed and realized I have a ton of dustbags that are too precious to use. I decided to use the Marc Jacobs dustbag as a makeup bag which was inspired by Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Well she didn't use Marc Jacobs dustbag but she did have a black pouch where she kept her makeup.
I also got my coffee table organized. As you see I have a ton of coffeetable books like Vogue, Manolo Blahnik, a book on Audrey Hepburn, France fashion books, cookbooks and The Little Prince. In the middle you got my sunglasses collection. My Burbery, Dior, Gucci, Tory Burch and Chanel (on the Vogue book because I can't find my case!) next to my candles with pebbles I found at the beach.

I now feel like my mind is less cluttered since my room is more organized.

I can now put on a face mask and relax the night away.


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More Oomph

I have yet to discover what type of blog mine is. I know I'm into food, fitness, fashion and makeup but can all four really be combined into one blog?

I also know that my blog lacks depth. I'll read Sophia's blog and just be in awe. Why can't I have wonderful life changing experiments/stories that I can write confidently about. I always have this in mind and when I start writing in my blog, I get writer's block or I'm too tired to write anything that I was thinking about all day and then I have choppy posts. But, for now I will just write about my eats.
Like this, I had this on Saturday. I sauteed some asparagus in some olive oil, salt and pepper, chili flakes, garlic, soy sauce and water. I had this along with my sister's stroganoff. It was pretty good but I wouldn't have used spaghetti noodles. I gave all the meat in there to my little poopies.
Then I had another huge craving for Chipotle. We also got chips and salsa! Boo for Chipotle for not giving me two different salsas.
This time I had a burrito with the works. I got carne asada, black beans, rice, pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa, corn salsa, veggies, sour cream, cheese, guacamole and lettuce. I was amazed that the woman folding my burrito was able to fold it all together.
It was huge! Look at the comparison between my dog and my burrito! It was huge and I ate it all!

Anyways, it is my only day off besides Christmas so I need to be productive!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Date Night

Richard and I have been setting aside a day where we can rekindle our love and have date night! I miss just hanging out with him and being with him. It reminds me of the good ole days when we were both in high school and we didn't have such big adult problems. Anyways, we went and watched Black Swan.
I was expecting a beautiful film about girls in ballet and the pressures of it. Little did I know, it was a psychological thriller! It was one of the most disturbing movies I have seen in a long time. For those that smoke, please dont' smoke before watching this movie!

Before the movie we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.
We shared the field of greens salad. It had mixed greens, sliced pears, candied walnuts dressed in balsamic vinaigrette. It was really delish. I don't usually like fruit in my salad (I think it's really weird) but this all went so well together.

We also had pizza with the "works." It was alright. Nothing special but Richard did enjoy it. Anyways, I need to get back to getting ready to go to work. It is the week of Christmas after all =(. It will be like throwing a piece of meat to the raging hyenas.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Now it's a countdown to Christmas. Although we got rid of the Christmas music at Bloomingdale's due to Mike Gould (CEO of Bloomingdale's) is rumored to have hated it when he came to visit and another rumor that because he is Jewish! That last rumor is hilarious by the way. Everything is being frosted in icing. The air just has that jingle to it. People are getting way into the Christmas spirit as well! Lots of people being nice (mostly guys, all the women have been bitches) and we're getting gifts of snacks and sweets. I am getting very excited for Christmas this year!

I've also got one of the coolest things I've bought all year round. Actually one of the collest things in my whole life. It is Essie's Matte about you. It's this awesome clear liquid that you paint over any of your nail polishes and it makes it matte.
 Had to try it on my black satin nailpolish. This is the shiny before pic.
 Delicious right? I love it. Excuse the Burberry handbag, it's not mine it's my mama's.
 It's been so cold lately that I've been wanting hot things like soup. I've also been drinking copius amount of tea and coffee.
 Tell me why I decided to get this croissantwich at Bristol's to eat with my soup? That soup filled me up that I only had a few bites here and there and ended up giving all the meat to my dogs later that day.
 Then I went to Costco! I love Costco! My sister, my two cousins and I decided to eat before we went shopping so I had a hot dog with lots of ketchup and onions. Yummy. My cousin still claims to this day that she eats way more onions than all of us but she's never seen me eat onions!
 I also had to take a picture of this creepy girl that one of the people in Visual drew. He's such a great artist and does comic books but this is from the Hamilton House charities we're helping and it's just a horrible picture of a girl. She is C R E E P Y.
I don't usually venture out to the mall but I've been wanting to get some cute notebooks and art supplies and I knew there was a Japanese stationary store under the dome. Look how pretty it is! They also had Santa there but didn't want to take a picture in case parents thought I was some creeper.

Well I am going to go on a Trader Joe's run! Another fave next to Costco!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


It has been a long week. I worked 8 days straight and I finally have the next two days off. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to do.
  1. Drop off my tuition at San Jose.
  2. Make it to work at 12 to get to our holiday party.
  3. Trader Joe run.
  4. Walk the dogs (if not raining)
  5. Dinner, movie date with Richard =)
  6. Internship stuff.
  7. Clean room and get organized.
It's weird because I kind of like being busy. I am tired when I come home but it's a good tired. It's a satisfying, I worked hard today kind of tired and you know what? I am getting better mentally!
 Obviously, I can't get my day started without this cup of crack. I've been having my coffee black lately and I am starting to really enjoy it.
 My daily makeup routine. A lot for me to not look tired but, just enough to not make me look like a drag queen.
 Plenty of tea (hot and cold) consumed with lots of clementines. Definitely can't stop at one.
 Trying to get all my veggies in for my health. This was a splurge at Bristol Farms (a fancier, more gourmet (they don't skimp on the butter!) expensive version of Whole Foods conveniently located right next to the food court). I had noticed they got more dressing options and decided to get white balsamic vinaigrette. It's fruity, it's kind of tangy and I sure got sick of towards the end. I'm just sticking with my good ole balsamic vinaigrette.

I've also been watching True Life: I want the Perfect Body 2 every single day. Today is the last day too =(. It just made me realize how much I miss being an athlete. I miss the discipline, the soreness, the pigging out and always being hungry, the competitiveness.... just everything! I am definitely getting back into my training that I had going before I had that whole episode.

I'm still struggling with everything and hoping to really commit to therapy with Richard. We may also start training together, something that will help us.

Well, I am going to eat some eggs (watching True Life made me crave hard-boiled eggs!) and then hitting the hay.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Can't catch a break

Ever since getting pooped on by a crow, I've been getting pooped on by everyone else. I think when a pigeon poops on you, it's good luck but when a crow poops on you? It's bad. Very bad.
  1. I got hives the night that I got pooped on.
  2. I didn't get out of work until an hour after closing.
  3. I couldn't take lunch because my coworker left me alone with a seasonal and a huge line.
  4. I am getting sick.
  5. My dad was giving me crap when I came home and therefore didn't eat dinner because of him
I hope tomorrow is a better day =(
Grande hot coffee at Starbucks is a must every morning. I've also becoming one of the "regulars" and been asked if I wanted my usual. I have to try the gingerbread latte soon since having gingerbread cookies with my hot coffee is pretty awesome.
 I had Cafe Venue on Sunday and got the usual. I am such a creature of habit. I got the half green salad and half a California club. I would have to say clubs are my most favorite sandwich.
 Of course they were quite generous with their food. Look at my tiny hand in comparison. I had finished the sandwich (the bread was fluffy and delicious) and 3/4 of the salad. It really made me feel better. I miss my veggies. Please come back into my life.
I also had some retail therapy after all my crap. I got this reasonably-priced coat from Zara. I think Zara has got to be my favorite store now. It screams ANNIE and it's around my price range.

Anyways, I want to nip this cold in the butt so I shall take nyquil and pass out.


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Omens

Holiday is getting me stressed at work! Sheesh! So many shoppers! I've also successfully bought my children two books and a barbie each. When did barbies start getting so expensive? Anywho with the kindness of Borders I was able to afford nice hardcover books.

I hung out with my cousin before my last English class and we decided to get some TACOS. 
 Delicious tacos with plenty of onions, cilantro and salsa. We each got 5 tacos because it came with a free coke.

We also went to ULTA since it was right next to the taco truck and I just have to say that I love NYX. It is the best drugstore makeup known to man!
 I also had breakfast with Richard early Saturday morning. We had loads of coffee. I only take mine with non-fat milk but since it was a special date I just added half and half. I indulged =P
 My breakfast was greasy but it was worth it. It was linguisa with two eggs over medium and loads of home fries. Does anyone know how to make great homefries? What spices are used for them? I'm thinking paprika?
 Then I had superfood to cleanse my body. Superfood is super good.

Then we went to have a stroll at the park and THIS happened:

A crow pooped on me! It was funny because we were standing under a tree when a crow landed on a branch on top of Richard and I told him that if it pooped, he would have been hit. Less than a minute later a crow pooped on me. Totally jinxed myself.

Hopefully good luck will come to me soon.

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