Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Omens

Holiday is getting me stressed at work! Sheesh! So many shoppers! I've also successfully bought my children two books and a barbie each. When did barbies start getting so expensive? Anywho with the kindness of Borders I was able to afford nice hardcover books.

I hung out with my cousin before my last English class and we decided to get some TACOS. 
 Delicious tacos with plenty of onions, cilantro and salsa. We each got 5 tacos because it came with a free coke.

We also went to ULTA since it was right next to the taco truck and I just have to say that I love NYX. It is the best drugstore makeup known to man!
 I also had breakfast with Richard early Saturday morning. We had loads of coffee. I only take mine with non-fat milk but since it was a special date I just added half and half. I indulged =P
 My breakfast was greasy but it was worth it. It was linguisa with two eggs over medium and loads of home fries. Does anyone know how to make great homefries? What spices are used for them? I'm thinking paprika?
 Then I had superfood to cleanse my body. Superfood is super good.

Then we went to have a stroll at the park and THIS happened:

A crow pooped on me! It was funny because we were standing under a tree when a crow landed on a branch on top of Richard and I told him that if it pooped, he would have been hit. Less than a minute later a crow pooped on me. Totally jinxed myself.

Hopefully good luck will come to me soon.

a n n i e

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  1. love nyx
    and love tacos more!!


    someone needs to get me an ulta gift card for xmas cuz i am desperate for some new make up!