Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Affair

I didn't get much done on my to-do list due to an impromptu lunch with Richard. I mean it's a nice surprise! I did, however got the important stuff done like cleaning my room and my makeup brushes.
 I realized that my chin has been breaking out and I'm thinking it's due to the bacteria growing on my brushes. I know a good makeup wearer actually washes their brushes every week. But, seriously! Who has the time? I mean it took my brushes a good two days to dry and I certainly wasn't going to go live my life without makeup. Either way I need to do something about my chin situation. It's definitely not from food or maybe it is? I don't know. I guess I have to start experimenting.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my cousin in our breakroom. I had leftover pasta that my mama made and my cousin had curry and fruit.
 Isn't this cute?! For some reason her mama (my aunt) just put one black grape.

We also decided to eat dinner together since the four of us (me, my cousin and her younger brother and my sister) haven't eaten out together in a long time.

We felt like eating Korean inspired Chinese food. Or is it Chinese inspired Korean food? Either way it's a mishmash of those two cuisines.
 We got fried rice. It's a typical standard fried rice. We made sure we got enough veggies so we got veggie fried rice.
 Then we had spicy noodle soup. We call it jjam bbong. I think it's our rendition of making it sound Chinese? Either way we haven't had good jjam bbong in a long time. Our favorite restaurants would close down and this reminds me of the good Chinese restaurants in San Francisco when I was growing up.
 Then we had THE best fried shrimp EVA. They were huge prawns and were crispy and sour and spicy. This restaurant has the best fried shrimp!
 Unfortunately their jajangmyun was horrible. They didn't give enough sauce and when we asked for more they explained that they couldn't make more unless we ordered another dish. That, in translation mean that it's not fresh. Plus they burned the sauce and it was so smoky and dry. Yuck.
They are also really good at making sweet and sour beef. It was so good and so crispy. They didn't really have a lot of meat but it was so good that we didn't care.
We also had some boiled shrimp dumplings and it was soo gingery and good. I am just so glad we found this hole in the wall restaurant right next to my high school. So good. So very good.

a n n i e


  1. OMG, that spicy noodle soup is screaming my name! Glad you had a nice time out with your cousins! :D

  2. I need to wash my make up brushes more!! :/

    that meal looks increeeeedible!!!

    glad you had some great fam time!!! :)


  3. I love your blog so much :)
    Do I spy some Bobbi Brown brushes in your collection?!

  4. Oh no! Jajangmyeon is all about the gloppy, meaty sauce. How dare they skimp on that! I love jjam bbong though. the name is very fun to pronounce, don't you think? ;-)