Monday, December 13, 2010

Can't catch a break

Ever since getting pooped on by a crow, I've been getting pooped on by everyone else. I think when a pigeon poops on you, it's good luck but when a crow poops on you? It's bad. Very bad.
  1. I got hives the night that I got pooped on.
  2. I didn't get out of work until an hour after closing.
  3. I couldn't take lunch because my coworker left me alone with a seasonal and a huge line.
  4. I am getting sick.
  5. My dad was giving me crap when I came home and therefore didn't eat dinner because of him
I hope tomorrow is a better day =(
Grande hot coffee at Starbucks is a must every morning. I've also becoming one of the "regulars" and been asked if I wanted my usual. I have to try the gingerbread latte soon since having gingerbread cookies with my hot coffee is pretty awesome.
 I had Cafe Venue on Sunday and got the usual. I am such a creature of habit. I got the half green salad and half a California club. I would have to say clubs are my most favorite sandwich.
 Of course they were quite generous with their food. Look at my tiny hand in comparison. I had finished the sandwich (the bread was fluffy and delicious) and 3/4 of the salad. It really made me feel better. I miss my veggies. Please come back into my life.
I also had some retail therapy after all my crap. I got this reasonably-priced coat from Zara. I think Zara has got to be my favorite store now. It screams ANNIE and it's around my price range.

Anyways, I want to nip this cold in the butt so I shall take nyquil and pass out.


a n n i e

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  1. GET IT!!! The coat looks delicious; I wanna wrap myself around it and go prancing in the snow. Well, fake snow, bc I can't stand the cold.

    Aw, I'm sorry you've been down on your luck. Hope things pick up!