Thursday, December 16, 2010


It has been a long week. I worked 8 days straight and I finally have the next two days off. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to do.
  1. Drop off my tuition at San Jose.
  2. Make it to work at 12 to get to our holiday party.
  3. Trader Joe run.
  4. Walk the dogs (if not raining)
  5. Dinner, movie date with Richard =)
  6. Internship stuff.
  7. Clean room and get organized.
It's weird because I kind of like being busy. I am tired when I come home but it's a good tired. It's a satisfying, I worked hard today kind of tired and you know what? I am getting better mentally!
 Obviously, I can't get my day started without this cup of crack. I've been having my coffee black lately and I am starting to really enjoy it.
 My daily makeup routine. A lot for me to not look tired but, just enough to not make me look like a drag queen.
 Plenty of tea (hot and cold) consumed with lots of clementines. Definitely can't stop at one.
 Trying to get all my veggies in for my health. This was a splurge at Bristol Farms (a fancier, more gourmet (they don't skimp on the butter!) expensive version of Whole Foods conveniently located right next to the food court). I had noticed they got more dressing options and decided to get white balsamic vinaigrette. It's fruity, it's kind of tangy and I sure got sick of towards the end. I'm just sticking with my good ole balsamic vinaigrette.

I've also been watching True Life: I want the Perfect Body 2 every single day. Today is the last day too =(. It just made me realize how much I miss being an athlete. I miss the discipline, the soreness, the pigging out and always being hungry, the competitiveness.... just everything! I am definitely getting back into my training that I had going before I had that whole episode.

I'm still struggling with everything and hoping to really commit to therapy with Richard. We may also start training together, something that will help us.

Well, I am going to eat some eggs (watching True Life made me crave hard-boiled eggs!) and then hitting the hay.


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  1. I want to have a perfect body too