Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Now it's a countdown to Christmas. Although we got rid of the Christmas music at Bloomingdale's due to Mike Gould (CEO of Bloomingdale's) is rumored to have hated it when he came to visit and another rumor that because he is Jewish! That last rumor is hilarious by the way. Everything is being frosted in icing. The air just has that jingle to it. People are getting way into the Christmas spirit as well! Lots of people being nice (mostly guys, all the women have been bitches) and we're getting gifts of snacks and sweets. I am getting very excited for Christmas this year!

I've also got one of the coolest things I've bought all year round. Actually one of the collest things in my whole life. It is Essie's Matte about you. It's this awesome clear liquid that you paint over any of your nail polishes and it makes it matte.
 Had to try it on my black satin nailpolish. This is the shiny before pic.
 Delicious right? I love it. Excuse the Burberry handbag, it's not mine it's my mama's.
 It's been so cold lately that I've been wanting hot things like soup. I've also been drinking copius amount of tea and coffee.
 Tell me why I decided to get this croissantwich at Bristol's to eat with my soup? That soup filled me up that I only had a few bites here and there and ended up giving all the meat to my dogs later that day.
 Then I went to Costco! I love Costco! My sister, my two cousins and I decided to eat before we went shopping so I had a hot dog with lots of ketchup and onions. Yummy. My cousin still claims to this day that she eats way more onions than all of us but she's never seen me eat onions!
 I also had to take a picture of this creepy girl that one of the people in Visual drew. He's such a great artist and does comic books but this is from the Hamilton House charities we're helping and it's just a horrible picture of a girl. She is C R E E P Y.
I don't usually venture out to the mall but I've been wanting to get some cute notebooks and art supplies and I knew there was a Japanese stationary store under the dome. Look how pretty it is! They also had Santa there but didn't want to take a picture in case parents thought I was some creeper.

Well I am going to go on a Trader Joe's run! Another fave next to Costco!

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  1. Costco is my fave, too. Then it's Asian markets. Then TJs! :-)

    You're right. That girl is effing CREEPY! Omg. I'm gonna have nightmares. Brrr.