Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Recovery is hard. I bet you anyone who's going through something mentally as well as physically hard is going to tell you how hard it is. I am currently recovering from alcohol, drugs and depression. It's weird because I just never thought I'd be the kind of person to go through something this crazy but I guess you never know until you go through with it yourself. Right now I'm sober and I have been sober for a couple of months. My recovery plan is therapy with Richard, eating healthy, trying to live day by day and hopefully start training for a triathlon with Richard.


It's really hard being just normal and happy after being so depressed and sedated for so long. Everything that wasn't such a big deal before is  super stressful now. Things that didn't bother me before get on my nerves now. Depression is like the River of Styx. It's always trying to pull me under. Arms are always reaching for me and it's always so tempting.

So for the new year I need to start anew.


1. Be a pescatarian. I know I've tried a million times to be vegetarian it has come to my conclusion that  healthy food = healthy body = healthy mind. I feel that it can help me recover because I do believe food can do wonders. Meat has been making me feel way too full and guilty (because I love animals too much!) so I decided omitting the main meats for now and just stick with fish until I can feel that I can go on without that too.

2. Be active. I miss competitive sports. I miss the adrenaline, the stress and mostly the satisfaction that I know I can conquer anything hard. Richard and I will be training for triathlons, dualathon, half marathons and marathons.

3. Do great in school. I feel that school has been such a big obstacle to get through to the real world so I need to finish good and fast!

Let's all hope and pray 2011 will be a good year!

Other than that, I've been inhaling coffees.

 I need a coffee to get through the day.
I've also been somewhat more active at work and participated on our bulletin. What else would a foodie say? LOL

a n n i e


  1. Dualathlon? Would it be called biathlon? Look into shortest triathlon ever

  2. You are so right, recovery is hard! Experiencing a complete range of emotions is pretty overwhelming for those of us who have restricted that in some form. I'm so proud of you Annie. Your goals sound great. I appreciate your honesty on here.