Monday, December 27, 2010


I am currently watching this sheer ridiculousness known as I'm Still Here. As many of you may know, it is Joaquin Phoenix's mockumentary? or documentary on his life. Let's just say I may be a bit worried that Netflix would recommend me something this raunchy to me. They also recommended me Hoarder's and South Park, what does this say about me you guys?
 I finally got my Christmas breakfast two days after Christmas. Very indulgent, very greasy, very buttery and to top it all off I had a croutin toast (it was left in the toaster for too long). I feel greasy and I need to drink lots of tea to break up the oil and grease inside me. I wish I still had Alli pills so I can just poop the oil out. TMI. I know.
 Maximus always lays low. He likes to snuggle under the blanket and act like a secret agent. He makes me laugh.

I felt like getting out of the house plus I needed an oil change so I went to Michael's. A little girl with no plans and a huge craft store? Dangerous. I was browsing in the store for an hour and I felt kind of out of place. There were just a bunch of spinsters and older white women buying a bunch of fake flowers and scrapebook items. I found a few treasures of my own.
 I thought for 5 minutes whether or not it was a good idea/investment to bedazzle my iPhone. The idea was soon forgotten as I realized it is no longer the 90's.
Then I saw these little baggies and I immediately came to the realization that Michael's supplies drug dealers with the little baggies. This is where Joaquin Phoenix's drug dealer got his little baggies to fill his cocaine with. I wonder if they keep tracks on people who buy these....

I am now going to glue feathers on ribbons and see if I can do something crafty.

Love you!

a n n i e


  1. Netflix recommends to me kiddie movies. Family fun friendly movies. Uh...what does that say about me? lol.

  2. Netflix recommends that movie to me too! I love Hoarders and South Park, so I guess it makes sense.

    P.S. That Chanel bag is my dream.