Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Last Hoorah

I realized today that tomorrow is New Year's Eve!! Holy crap! When did time all of a sudden run so fast? Anywho, after my freak-out I realized I needed to end my year with a BANG. For lunch I had tri-tip at Buckhorn and for dinner I had Nation's with Richard.
 I ate a bacon cheeseburger with everything. Nation's is known for their generous vegetable servings (double slices of onions, tomatoes and lettuce) and their chili fries.
It was heaven but although I wanted to finish it, I couldn't muster the strength to finish the last couple of bites. Let's hope that I don't regret this later. I just hope I can be able to clear my body of meat toxins and hope that I don't miss it. Or I don't know let's just say this is more of a test in my spirituality than it is for health reasons. Oh yeah it's also for animal-rights reasons as well.

So I am getting excited for New Year's Eve tomorrow because I am entering the new year with my one true love, Richard. It's been a shitty year and my mom told me to never let Richard go again or she actually basically said to not fuck it up this time.

We don't really have anything planned but we just wanted to be together that day. So, we will be walking along the pier and watch the fireworks but I'm also taking the moment to dress to the nines.

Here are my choices:

1. H&M pink slip dress (originally $50! but got it for $10 red tag woot woot!), my tuxedo blazer with the satin lapels, opaque tights (I do not wear a dress without tights), Tory Burch flats since I will be walking around and heels didn't seem worth it if I'm not going to be drunk and hopefully the feather headband I will be making if not the Chanel headbang.

2. Black skinny pants, pink ballet flats (Topshop), Vince slate bubble tank, cropped blazer and the same hair stuff.

Depends how I'm feeling but I do wanna do #1 and ring in the new year stylishly!

What are you girlies doing for New Years Eve?

a n n i e

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