Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello TwentyEleven

I must admit I went all out for New Year's eve. I hated 2010. I loathed it, I hated it so much I wouldn't even wish my shitty year to Hitler. It was painful, excruciating and yet I was scared of the new year. I had such fear thinking maybe this year is going to be a lot worse. I even stood in the cold and rain and watched the fireworks praying that the worst is over. I couldn't help but to be so emotional and I prayed to God for his helping hand for the rest of my life.

I think I pretty much rocked 2010 New Years eve. I made sure I ate all my beef cravings and bid adieu.
I woke up late (which was my plan so I can party hardy all night) and went to lunch with my bestie, Jena. We've been wanting zazangmyun forEVA and decided it was best to get it on the last day of 2010.
We got sweet and sour pork to eat with our noodles.
Jena saw me bust out my iPhone and thought I was trying to take a picture of her. I amused her and did so. LOL
This was orgasmic. 
Then while we were drunk we got on top off her boyfriend's roof and listened to the ukeleli. It was freezing but I really enjoyed the view and company.
My last meal of 2010. A double double at In n Out. This was more orgasmic than the zazangmyun.

Then I downloaded Hipstamatic app and been enjoying it quite a bit.
Obligatory Martinelli's sparkling cider at work.
Then I made my coworkers pose. The lens is kinda awkward so I took bad pictures.

They look mad because I was being way too horrible.

Well now it is 11:22 and I can safely say that Day 1 of my pescatarian resolution was a success. Now I need to go sleep and work tomorrow.


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