Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have to admit, I miss being sharp and on top of things. So as another part of my resolution, I've decided to read more. Not all the junky hilarious celebrity gossip stuff but good solid substance stuff. Stuff that I had to read (but enjoyed!) at school and written reports about.

So I got subscriptions to:

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National Geographic. I know that this picture says Mercury Geographic but I was trying to find one of those covers with the Amazonian women with the huge boobs but decided the cannibalistic pug-looking dogs were quite amusing.
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  I've also got a subscription to The New Yorker because for once I want to be able to get the New Yorker comics and laugh along to Brian from Family Guy. BTW, I LOVE that episode.
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 I've also been drooling over this Kolo Essex travel book. It is THE notebook of notebooks! Many friends know I always have some random notebook where I compile my lists, doodling and memos. I decided I needed to upgrade and get the best notebook there is. You see, this book can hold up to 3 different types of little booklets and it's held together with stretchy rubber bangs.
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Delicious. And very necessary.


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  1. That's a cool notebook but I bet you can make a better one!