Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Falling

I have been very stressed lately. Many symptons of my depression are paranoia, lack of sleep, hysteria and lack of appetite. Half those symptons have been cured (hysteria and lack of appetite) my lack of sleep hasn't. I keep getting these creepy nightmares with dark settings and snow falling. I obviously researched on dream dictionary and found that snow falling means I'm feeling neglected and alone. Ever since watching Inception, I'm thinking snow is my subconscious. It's twisted but beautiful at the same time.

Anywho, I have succeeded the past 3 days in eating vegetarian/pescatarian! However, I am getting very hungry after two hours and I'm wondering if I should add more protein to my diet. I know I love tofu and cottage cheese but I need more protein ideas.
Last night I had soba noodles. It's a Japanese cold noodle dish but it's too friggin cold here in San Francisco so I changed it up a bit and added boiling soba noodle water to my sobu dipping sauce. Then I added the usual wasabi, green onions and seaweed to it. It was actually delicious and very filling.

Then this morning I had a TON of coffee.
Love my new mug? Richard got it for me. Little does he know, he's being an enabler to my coffee addiction.
My breakfast setting. A brussel sprouts omellette with roasted potatoes and ketchup. Eaten along with coffee, Perez Hilton and notebook of ideas and lists.

I've also been online shopping because of the holiday deals!

Like this beautiful leather trim jacket by Robert Rodriguez. Retail: $430 Sale: 214.90. Price is ridiculous but this jacket is too delicious.
Then This Trina Turk caught my eye. Retail: 250. Sale: $80. Sale price is awesome. I love plain structured dresses that I can accessorize. I'd pair this dress with pearls, leather belt, ruffled skirted slip and bracelets over the sleeve. I die.


p.s. I didn't buy the jacket or dress =(

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