Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Grain Experiment

Since I have made the conscious decision to go pescatarian I knew I had to depend on other protein and maybe eat more grains to keep me satiated. Such as:

Couscous! Food so nice they named it twice! I never really liked this grain before and decided to give it another go and found that I love it! I've been pairing couscous with different veggies and different spices and I am now couscous' number 1 fan.

This led me to the idea of trying other grains and see what is out there. So, I have been browing Bob's Red Mill and found a bunch of grains I want to try.

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 Lentils. I love lentils in soup but I've never had it any other way nor did I ever make it myself. It's time to do some research and make some!
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 I keep seeing wheat berries in lots of blogs and I realized how versatile it is. I've seen it mixed with oatmeal, mixed in yogurt or mixed with salad.

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 Bulgur. Just because I love tabboleh and I want to be able to make it myself.
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Corn grits just because I like it =)

Of course I will eat more couscous, oatmeal, brown rice, wild rice and barley because they are my favorite.

But I thought why not try new grains for the new year?

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  1. So nice they named it twice, indeed!
    I mean, why not try new grains! 2011...the year of the grain!

  2. There are SO many good grains out there! I used to mix up my grains way more often but I haven't even had COUSCOUS in a while. SO wrong. I think I need to go on a grain buying binge and get some of the good stuff to stock my cupboards again. I need some wheatberries too, love em!