Friday, January 7, 2011

For the Soul

Most of the time less is more. I can appreciate the complexities of a gourmet meal with their foams and de-constructing ingredients. But, sometimes something so simple can be as satisfying.

I first got this recipe from Richard but I've made my own little tweaks.
 I first put some olive oil and heat it up a little. Richard wouldn't actually cut the tomatoes in half but he's patient. He waits until the tomatoes split open and he squishes them. Me? I cut them in half to get them cooking faster. You see them white flakes? That's not cheese, that's garlic! Yes, I love my garlic! You obviously don't have to overdose on garlic like I do. Just a smidge would do.
Here it is cooked down. The tomato juice thickens up and makes a nice sauce.
I added sliced brussel sprouts for my dish. I sliced them so I didn't have to steam them in advance. Make sure to add enough seasoning although you can probably go without salt. I'll tell you why later.
I added a few ladle full of starchy pasta water to make more "sauce" and thoroughly cook the brussel sprouts.
Toss the pasta and you're ready!
I not only overdose in garlic but parmesan cheese as well. This is why I don't think salt is necessary because you can use salty cheese like parmesan or pecorino.

There you go! I used to always make this pasta dish when I needed to use up my rotisserie chicken but it's just as good without the meat.


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  1. oh my gosh - i love pasta with huge chunks of brussels sprouts :) delicious!