Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Organized Chaos

Also known as my life. I woke up late this morning (10:30) and for some reason I felt like texting my friend Jena, whom I haven't seen in months and she immediately called me. She was frantic and panicky and she was feeling like poo because she lost her license and also got in a little fender bender this weekend. Little did she remember, I actually had a spare of hers in my wallet! Coincidence you say? She also said she dreamt of me last night (obviously in a nonsexual way) and wanted to call me. We talked, drove, drank some coffee and smoked some cigarettes and it felt nice. She always made me feel good and she was there for me this summer and today I was there for her. We had a short time today but we both said goodbye in the cold morning and said I love yous. I guess true friends will always be friends no matter how long you haven't seen them.
 After being out in the cold with Jena, I came home and made myself a nice brunch because I was actually looking forward to it on my day off. I made a two egg omelette with broccoli, green bell pepper, tomatoes and parmesan cheese. I also made roasted yukon potatoes which I generously dipped in ketchup. Although this was on my kiddy Hello Kitty children's cafeteria plate, it was a lot of food.

Then I put together a To-Do list and I actually got 90% of it done! Such as cleaning my room (number one on my list for a long time).

This is where the organized chaos comes to play.
 This was all the makeup randomly found in different areas of my room. I perfectly aligned all of my makeup on my drafting table and realized I had way too much. This is the makeup not included in my bag or makeup stored in another bag.
 Same picture but with flash.
 Some of my unworn shoes perfectly aligned on the floor. Those would have to be 3 Steve Madden shoes that I got on sale! Half off baby! My silver Tory Burch flats (gold flats already worn and in the garage), TopShop ballet flats that I got for $30 and American Eagle flats that I got for $15! I hoard shoes like I hoard makeup.
 Then I smashed a couple of my shoe boxed to make room under my bed and realized I have a ton of dustbags that are too precious to use. I decided to use the Marc Jacobs dustbag as a makeup bag which was inspired by Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Well she didn't use Marc Jacobs dustbag but she did have a black pouch where she kept her makeup.
I also got my coffee table organized. As you see I have a ton of coffeetable books like Vogue, Manolo Blahnik, a book on Audrey Hepburn, France fashion books, cookbooks and The Little Prince. In the middle you got my sunglasses collection. My Burbery, Dior, Gucci, Tory Burch and Chanel (on the Vogue book because I can't find my case!) next to my candles with pebbles I found at the beach.

I now feel like my mind is less cluttered since my room is more organized.

I can now put on a face mask and relax the night away.


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  1. I like that... Organized Chaos. That is so cool.

  2. I really want to dive into the makeup table Annie! I love your sense of style and would love to see your makeup collection in its entirety! Yours is one of my favorite blogs <3