Monday, February 28, 2011

GooGoo for GaGa

5. Lady Gaga by MAC

I am currently obsessed with not just Lady Gaga's music but with her cosmetics!
 I am a hoarder of makeup and when I first heard of her MAC Viva Glam lip products coming out, I signed up right away and sprinted to the counter when they called saying they were here.
 This is Lady Gaga 1. Well It's just called Lady Gaga Viva Glam but I guess they weren't aware that a second one was coming out. The lipstick came out first and I was on the waitlist for a good two weeks and loved it so much that I bought another tube! Then a couple of months before I got laid off, they had the lipgloss to match so it was only natural for me two get 2 tubes as well.

(image from
The color is true to her ad and it's a beautiful neon baby pink color. I didn't take a picture of me wearing the lipstick because I am embarassed to admit I have crusty lips at the moment. If you do wanna see the color on a pale Korean girl then here's the link.
Then this came out and of course I had to grab it because well the first one was such a hit and I trusted Lady Gaga's taste.
(image taken from
Of course she looks wonderful in it I mean it is her lipstick. What does it look on me? It looks like I am wearing concealer on my lips.

But I am not one to just throw away a perfectly good lipstick or lipgloss so I'm going to rock it. A few pictures you will see me with nude lips that will make me look washed-out but I will compensate with rosy cheeks and awesome smokey shadow.

Yes, I'm going to rock your socks off.

Oh and check out beauty-crazed's giveaway!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Del Mar

Considering that it was suppose to snow this weekend, it was sunny this whole weekend. It's so nice out today that Richard and I decided to hang out at the beach. The original plan was for me to read and write while Richard studied for this real estate license. Then we were going to nosh on bread and salad because that's what we like to eat at the beach.
 Don't let the beautiful sunshine fool you, it was so cold and freezing. We ditched our first plan and decided we were just going to walk on the beach and get some grub at a local restaurant.
 Richard was in charge of the camera so he took some nice and impressive pictures of me. Nice enough to put on the blog =P
 Then we headed off to a crepery and I got a burger with a side salad. It was just your typical diner-style burger nothing special. In n Out would've been better.
Then we headed off to Rockaway Beach which is just the neighbor beach of Del Mar. It's scenically prettier.

This zigzag is pretty cool and it's suppose to be a tsunami haven but I mean can you imagine all the surfers running up the mountain zigzag form? That would be a sight!
Then we ended our day and it made me sad. I hate when dates end!

Well now back to reality. I have a lot to do this weekend and hopefully I will be able to do them all without haste!

Hope you all had a nice Sunday.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clutch-aholics Anonymous

I'm not much of a handbag person. For some odd reason I LOVE clutches. I have a couple and its just something that is so convenient and kind of completes the outfit without overpowering it. Sometimes when your handbag is soo faboosh it is all that you see and it just takes away from the outfit. I mean if you see a ton of celebrities carrying the birkin, your eyes directly go to the bag because, well duh it's a friggin birkin! So for a person, like me, that loves clothes more than handbags a clutch is perfect.

 This is my current collection. It isn't quite much but the lack in quantity is made up by the quality these clutches have. From the left that is a Marc Jacobs clutch in black, Marc Jacobs clutch in taupe and a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch in pebbled leather in black.

 This was my first clutch ever and you can see it has a little wear and tear to it but it shows how much I love it dearly! Before this I just carried a wallet and stuffed it in my pocket or sometimes just stuffed my id, credit cards and cash into my pocket and it just became a hassle. This little clutch was so big enough to convert me to clutches. It's big enough to carry my wallet, touch up makeup and my old camera and iPhone but small enough where it didn't consume my whole outfit.
Then I went and got a Marc Jacobs which was larger in size because I was going through a big clutch phase. It's quite delicious and you can definitely feel the difference in quality between a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and a Marc Jacobs clutch. That is why I splurged and got one in taupe and black.

I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs and that is why I always look at his stuff when I want to buy a clutch.

(image taken from

 Hence this little beauty. It is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca clutch and it just came out in department stores. The reason why I love this specific clutch so much is because of this picture:

(image taken from JAK&JIL's facebook page)
I loved this picture the moment I laid my eyes on it. Although you don't see the woman's face in this picture you can tell she has class and style from what she is carrying. This was taken during fashion week and I love how boxy this tan clutch is and is being stacked together with fashion week programs. I am yearning for this clutch!

Instead of fashion programs I can see myself carrying this beautiful clutch with my Moleskine plain journal, a novel or Vogue magazines and of course my fingers would be perfectly manicured.

(image taken from
I also love this Celine pouch clutch! The simplistic clutch that can look great in any color.
(image taken from
American Apparel does the same exact pouch for a lot cheaper (there are smaller sizes as well!) but personally nothing beats a Celine or Marc Jacobs clutch!

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NBC and Chipotle will hear of me when they are out of business because.....
 I will be abusing the shit out of those coupons and will continue to do so until I cannot use them anymore! LOL

Seriously, I am going to try and eat there everyday until March 3rd.

I went for another Chinese meal today with Richard hoping to restore our faith in Chinese cuisine so I took him to the really crappy restaurant near my house that serves really good dumplings. However, they must've gotten a new chef who isn't as good (which is the most common case in Chinese restaurants) and it just wasn't as good as I hyped it up to be.
 Then halfway through my meal, the waiter brings me forks because I was struggling with their chopsticks. FAIL.
I've been using chopsticks ever since I could hold a utensil and actually knew how to use chopsticks before I knew how to use a knife and fork. Don't get me wrong but I am not used to those big plastic gawky chopsticks that are used in Chinese households. First off, for a culture that basically lives off of noodles, they sure didn't create the best chopsticks for it. I mean everything slides off. It's like the first bike EVER of chopsticks, meaning they are too big and slippery and the tips are really blunt and square. Maybe I'm just a hater because I am so used to the tiny metal chopsticks that end in points that Korean people use or Japanese wooden ones. Now I know why my family asks for wooden chopsticks when we're eating in the restaurants. Yeah and that analogy with the first bike and chopsticks was kind of stupid.

And that's what grinds my gears.

Sheesh sorry for being a sourpuss! Lately I've just been bothered by EVERYTHING and I think it may have to do with the fact that I haven't had therapy in over two weeks so I haven't been venting my emotional feelings but through things that really bother me.

Such as friends being flakers (I have ranted it over facebook), people that doesn't know the Chipotle rules and will wait in front of the cashier and I'll patiently wait in line in front of the tortilla steamer and the employee will help me out first but the customer wants to be helped first because they were technically there first but shouldn't be helped because they don't know where the line is and should be learned a lesson! But I digress.....

One thing that has been amazing is my camera! I am in LLLLUUURRRVVVEEE!! I am still a noob so don't laugh at my pictures please =P
This is the awesome panoramic feature. You basically hold the button down and it will continuously click as you move the camera from one side to another and will stitch it all together.
 This was just one part of the cloud. To see size difference that little backwards L figure on the bottom of the picture is a lightpole. So it's a huge cloud!
 Then tested out my camera and pointed it directly at the sun and took this beautiful picture.
Then tried to take dog pictures (they don't stand still!) but I am still learning.

Anyways I will be chillaxing for today (because I don't do that everyday har har) and clean up my house.

Have a great weekend!!

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Friday, February 25, 2011


I met Richard up for dinner tonight and I guess we can consider it a date night and we got P.F. Changs. Let's just say it's seriously not the best Chinese food. It falls below Panda Express and it just lacks authentic Chinese flavor.
 First off the sauce. What do we need the sauces for really? Everything is sauced and I don't understand the sweet sauce mixed with mustard and chili sauce?

We got the 2 for $40 so the first course was soup.
 I got the sweet and sour soup and it was SALTY. Thick and hearty but I had to drink a whole glass of water with this. Plus there was pork in there which I don't really understand. I only had half.
 Then our appetizer which we chose dumplings. I don't think I'm too much of a dumpling connoisseur but I am a dumpling snob. When your grandma or other ladies in the family make homemade dumplings it's hard to eat bad dumplings. Dumplings (or mandoo in Korean) are my favorite and I love Chinese dumplings filled with pork, chives and loads of ginger. This was basically just ground pork and no veggies served with some sweet soy sauce? Grosssss

Our entrees were:
 Mongolian beef that was too sweet and not enough veggies.
 Kung Pao shrimp was the best dish of the night but again REALLY salty and lacked heat. I should've used the mustard sauce to kick it up a notch.
We were suppose to get dessert but really wanted tea instead. Our waiter was nice enough to let us substitute even though it wasn't allowed and was even kind enough to bring our fortune cookies during our tea time rather than after our bill so we can enjoy with our tea.

I don't like to put anyone down and I guess it is a chain restaurant and it's suppose to appeal to people who've never really had Asian cuisine but it was really disappointing and expensive. I've seen many bloggers actually enjoy P.F. Chang's but I think I'm steering clear from now on and continue going to the crappy dirty Chinese restaurant near my house because they seriously are one of my top 5's of dumplings.

Service was great though, James couldn't have been more kind and tended to our every need.

Anywho, I've finally decided on a camera....

Sony NEX-5 alpha!!!  
My dear boyfriend bought it for me and I couldn't have been more touched by his kind gesture. He really is supportive of what I want to do in life and is very willing to do anything to make my dreams come true. He basically got this as an early birthday gift and to help with my fashion blog.

(image taken froom
I'm sorry to say but I am very brand-loyal and although Sony doesn't have the best reviews on DSLR's I couldn't help but really want a Sony to replace my Sony to upload onto my Sony laptop while watching blue ray on my PS3 on my HD1080 Sony Bravia flat screen. You see? I've just always had Sony and the sales employee actually let me test everything out and let me know that it has the qualities of a DSLR but has the convenience of a point and click. It takes panoramic pictures, video quality is great as the photos and can take pictures in the dark without flash. I wish I can show you the gorgeous pictures but I have to get a memory card that can support HD photos.

Well I am so excited that I am now well-equipped to finally achieve my goals!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

Today was such an eventful day and I had been driving from downtown San Francisco all the way to San Mateo and back. It is actually really tiring driving for so long. Especially when you have to deal with a crapload of pedestrians in San Francisco and the nothingness in San Mateo. I missed the 92 exit and had to drive an extra 10 miles to the next exit and turn around.

Ugh, other than that it has been great!

Anyways, in less than a month, it will be my birthday!

I have been wanting a new handbag for awhile. Most of my handbags are either meant for show or it's too casual. Since I have changed my career path I need a functional, yet sophisticated, that can be worn up or down and spacious.

 1. I love satchels! This one is perfect and you can take off the strap so I can hold it by the handle. It's small enough to carry around and it's just soo cute!
 2. I also love it in black.

 3. I love clutches. I probably have more clutches and use it more than handbags so I can't help but to love this HUGE portfolio clutch.

4. This bag I am set to buy for myself on my birthday. I love how casual it is yet I can probably take it to the office no problem.

These handbags are all from

Anywho, I am going to get some Subway since it is FebruANY ANY ANY.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shabu Shabu the Night Away

Met up with my favorite girl, Christie tonight for shabu shabu! We both have a love for fashion (she has a degree in fashion and I am currently working on mine)
The dipping sauces: a soy sauce vinegary one that I put a bunch of minced garlic and green onions in, a sweet sesame sauce that I didn't really touch. Then there are the veggies that come with your entree: napa cabbage, spinach, tofu, enoki mushrooms, shiitaki mushroom cap and udon noodles.
Since we are both creature of habits we got our favorite spicy miso broth.
Split a beer as well. So much for being straight-edge! Going to start a streak again but I mean drinks with dinner are fun!
Our entree: sliced frozen and raw kobe beef that is sliced on the counter in front of everyone with a meat slicer. So thin that it cooks in the broth in about 10 seconds. But, I pretty much like my beef rare as possible. I'm such an animal like that, like a wolf but more like a bitch.

Anywho, I've decided to get a DSLR! My friend Christie and I have been talking about a fashion blog for a couple of months and tonight was finally the night that we were really serious. We both have connections (well mostly her) and we've decided it is the best time in our lives to start it. I currently am unemployed and she works at home part time and we both have a passion for fashion (ugh so cliche!).

It is in the works right now and seeing how good it goes I might have to spend my time on that blog.

We'll see.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bread and Cheese

As many of you know, I LOVE bread. But, I also LOVE cheese. So when bread and cheese mate...
 This is what happens.
 Gorgeous bread with a creamy nougatty cheese center. Upon the first bite I had an out of body experience and I felt like I was skyrocketed to heaven. Simply delish.

Anywho, I have been chilling a lot especially on my bed with my doggies and Titan here loves to be smushed under pillows.
 I call it smushed tits.

Anywho, I am debating whether or not if I want to spend a hunk of dough on a DSLR camera. Since I lost my camera at the club I've been feeling kind of lost without a good camera. I've been depending on my iPhone or my digital camera I got as a graduation gift back in 2006 which has 4.5 pixels and you need to have a steady hand to make a clear picture.

I am jealous of people's amazing photos and I think it's time for me but I am currently unemployed. I'm still thinking about it because I am receiving a ton back for my tax refund. I was going to depend on that money in case I didn't get a job but maybe it will be good to have that "fear" and then I'll eventually find another job?

What do you think? Do you have a dslr? If so, please share your pros and cons with me.

I will grately appreciate it.

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