Sunday, February 27, 2011

Del Mar

Considering that it was suppose to snow this weekend, it was sunny this whole weekend. It's so nice out today that Richard and I decided to hang out at the beach. The original plan was for me to read and write while Richard studied for this real estate license. Then we were going to nosh on bread and salad because that's what we like to eat at the beach.
 Don't let the beautiful sunshine fool you, it was so cold and freezing. We ditched our first plan and decided we were just going to walk on the beach and get some grub at a local restaurant.
 Richard was in charge of the camera so he took some nice and impressive pictures of me. Nice enough to put on the blog =P
 Then we headed off to a crepery and I got a burger with a side salad. It was just your typical diner-style burger nothing special. In n Out would've been better.
Then we headed off to Rockaway Beach which is just the neighbor beach of Del Mar. It's scenically prettier.

This zigzag is pretty cool and it's suppose to be a tsunami haven but I mean can you imagine all the surfers running up the mountain zigzag form? That would be a sight!
Then we ended our day and it made me sad. I hate when dates end!

Well now back to reality. I have a lot to do this weekend and hopefully I will be able to do them all without haste!

Hope you all had a nice Sunday.

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  1. What GORGEOUS photos! I wish I lived near the ocean.
    xo Josie

  2. It looks so beautiful - the perfect place to escape for a day.

    You make me want to visit the west coast. I need some beach in my life!

  3. Looks like a beautiful day!!! This post makes me seriously miss living by the ocean!

  4. GORGEOUS pictures! Love the beach. So glad I live nearby. Hope your Monday is going well

  5. A Sunday spent at the beach? Perfection.

  6. even though it was cold and freezing, your day at the beach looks beautiful! i wish i had spent my weekend hanging out on the beach!

  7. Woah the view is just amaazzing! And the zigzag slope is pretty awesome aswell lol!