Saturday, February 26, 2011


NBC and Chipotle will hear of me when they are out of business because.....
 I will be abusing the shit out of those coupons and will continue to do so until I cannot use them anymore! LOL

Seriously, I am going to try and eat there everyday until March 3rd.

I went for another Chinese meal today with Richard hoping to restore our faith in Chinese cuisine so I took him to the really crappy restaurant near my house that serves really good dumplings. However, they must've gotten a new chef who isn't as good (which is the most common case in Chinese restaurants) and it just wasn't as good as I hyped it up to be.
 Then halfway through my meal, the waiter brings me forks because I was struggling with their chopsticks. FAIL.
I've been using chopsticks ever since I could hold a utensil and actually knew how to use chopsticks before I knew how to use a knife and fork. Don't get me wrong but I am not used to those big plastic gawky chopsticks that are used in Chinese households. First off, for a culture that basically lives off of noodles, they sure didn't create the best chopsticks for it. I mean everything slides off. It's like the first bike EVER of chopsticks, meaning they are too big and slippery and the tips are really blunt and square. Maybe I'm just a hater because I am so used to the tiny metal chopsticks that end in points that Korean people use or Japanese wooden ones. Now I know why my family asks for wooden chopsticks when we're eating in the restaurants. Yeah and that analogy with the first bike and chopsticks was kind of stupid.

And that's what grinds my gears.

Sheesh sorry for being a sourpuss! Lately I've just been bothered by EVERYTHING and I think it may have to do with the fact that I haven't had therapy in over two weeks so I haven't been venting my emotional feelings but through things that really bother me.

Such as friends being flakers (I have ranted it over facebook), people that doesn't know the Chipotle rules and will wait in front of the cashier and I'll patiently wait in line in front of the tortilla steamer and the employee will help me out first but the customer wants to be helped first because they were technically there first but shouldn't be helped because they don't know where the line is and should be learned a lesson! But I digress.....

One thing that has been amazing is my camera! I am in LLLLUUURRRVVVEEE!! I am still a noob so don't laugh at my pictures please =P
This is the awesome panoramic feature. You basically hold the button down and it will continuously click as you move the camera from one side to another and will stitch it all together.
 This was just one part of the cloud. To see size difference that little backwards L figure on the bottom of the picture is a lightpole. So it's a huge cloud!
 Then tested out my camera and pointed it directly at the sun and took this beautiful picture.
Then tried to take dog pictures (they don't stand still!) but I am still learning.

Anyways I will be chillaxing for today (because I don't do that everyday har har) and clean up my house.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. your pics are so lovely~ have fun eating all that chipotle!...and i agree with the chopsticks...eating with the big plastic ones gives me finger cramps

  2. The picts look wonderful!

    I think that whole crabby vibe is just going around lately.

    Bunches of people I know have commented on having the exact same feelings of being aggravated by everything.