Friday, February 25, 2011


I met Richard up for dinner tonight and I guess we can consider it a date night and we got P.F. Changs. Let's just say it's seriously not the best Chinese food. It falls below Panda Express and it just lacks authentic Chinese flavor.
 First off the sauce. What do we need the sauces for really? Everything is sauced and I don't understand the sweet sauce mixed with mustard and chili sauce?

We got the 2 for $40 so the first course was soup.
 I got the sweet and sour soup and it was SALTY. Thick and hearty but I had to drink a whole glass of water with this. Plus there was pork in there which I don't really understand. I only had half.
 Then our appetizer which we chose dumplings. I don't think I'm too much of a dumpling connoisseur but I am a dumpling snob. When your grandma or other ladies in the family make homemade dumplings it's hard to eat bad dumplings. Dumplings (or mandoo in Korean) are my favorite and I love Chinese dumplings filled with pork, chives and loads of ginger. This was basically just ground pork and no veggies served with some sweet soy sauce? Grosssss

Our entrees were:
 Mongolian beef that was too sweet and not enough veggies.
 Kung Pao shrimp was the best dish of the night but again REALLY salty and lacked heat. I should've used the mustard sauce to kick it up a notch.
We were suppose to get dessert but really wanted tea instead. Our waiter was nice enough to let us substitute even though it wasn't allowed and was even kind enough to bring our fortune cookies during our tea time rather than after our bill so we can enjoy with our tea.

I don't like to put anyone down and I guess it is a chain restaurant and it's suppose to appeal to people who've never really had Asian cuisine but it was really disappointing and expensive. I've seen many bloggers actually enjoy P.F. Chang's but I think I'm steering clear from now on and continue going to the crappy dirty Chinese restaurant near my house because they seriously are one of my top 5's of dumplings.

Service was great though, James couldn't have been more kind and tended to our every need.

Anywho, I've finally decided on a camera....

Sony NEX-5 alpha!!!  
My dear boyfriend bought it for me and I couldn't have been more touched by his kind gesture. He really is supportive of what I want to do in life and is very willing to do anything to make my dreams come true. He basically got this as an early birthday gift and to help with my fashion blog.

(image taken froom
I'm sorry to say but I am very brand-loyal and although Sony doesn't have the best reviews on DSLR's I couldn't help but really want a Sony to replace my Sony to upload onto my Sony laptop while watching blue ray on my PS3 on my HD1080 Sony Bravia flat screen. You see? I've just always had Sony and the sales employee actually let me test everything out and let me know that it has the qualities of a DSLR but has the convenience of a point and click. It takes panoramic pictures, video quality is great as the photos and can take pictures in the dark without flash. I wish I can show you the gorgeous pictures but I have to get a memory card that can support HD photos.

Well I am so excited that I am now well-equipped to finally achieve my goals!

a n n i e


  1. So here's the deal with me and P.F. Chang's: I eat exclusively two things there and could for the REST of my life. The lettuce wraps and the crispy honey chicken with tons of white rice. I die. So good. But I'm not a big fan of Asian food, so that's probably why I like it! And so exciting about your new camera.
    xo Josie

  2. We're getting a PF Changs in Charleston and I'm not all that excited about it. It seems tough to find truly healthy options there (and I'm just talking lower on sodium and saturated fat!). Oh well....dinner out is still always nice because its nice to spend time together. HOORAY on the camera! Ah!

  3. We just had Chinese food last night too - but it was delivery - mmmm yum.

    Can't wait to hear how you like your new camera! What a sweet boy you have :)

  4. Dang, that camera looks like it can be used to kill someone! Haha. I'm sure it'll take great pictures!

    P.F. Changs does seem really over-priced! I like the presentation of the food though!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. horay for supportive bf!!! :D
    I'm looking forward to your fashion posts!
    you know what's funny? I ordered a tripod today for fashion posts too! hehehe...

  6. I refuse to dine at P.F. Changs. If I want crappy Chinese food, I'd go to my local HK Express.

    Booo! nikon all the way! I hope you enjoy your new camera though! I used to have a sony but I hated it.

  7. I love my Sony A550! Actually, love is an understatement. I hope you have fun playing with your new camera!

  8. OMG - Drool over the camera.

    It is a sad comment on my nerdiness that all I could see in that post was the new camera :-)

    Congrats! and go and take buckets of pictures!