Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nice Day

It was a rare and wonderful day in San Francisco today. I woke up early and decided to head down to Java Beach and have some awesome coffee with my beloved. Richard had a brilliant idea to drink at the beach.

Had the infamous buttered bagel with jam. A bit too much jam and it was all over the place, we had sticky hands and it was no fun.
 Crack. A.k.a. Java Beach coffee.

 We then got our haircut on Irving and got some little snacks since we didn't really have breakfast.

I had an apple juice. It's been WAY too long since I had this delicious nectar.
 We got some Shrimp and Chives Dumplings and Shrimp cakes..
 Hot dog buns....and some other goodies that weren't pictured.
 Then we walked around a trail in Golden Gate Park.
 Very serene and wonderful.
This little duck was diving in and out of the water and we watched it swim away. Ducks are super fast in water!
We also went to the dog beach and just relaxed! Made sure the poopies were pooped out.

How is your weekend going so far lovelies?

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  1. This looks like such a fun day! You two visit the prettiest places, honestly.
    xo Josie

  2. looks like a fun and relaxed day. i enjoy walks in parks like this with my bf too :)

  3. Coffee & the beach....sounds heavenly. We have a brunch restaurant nearby that is pretty much right on the water- we need to hit it up soon! And Shrimp cakes? I want one! Weekend has been great!

  4. Those dumplings look so yum!

    What a great day - coffee, snacks and the beach - it can't get any better.

  5. dangit Annie!!
    I just wrote the longessssssssssssssssssssssst comment on your "Date Night" post and wordpress had to go and delete it because I wasn't "signed in" to my acccount!! GRRRRRRRRRR. Uber upset!!

    Anyways, it was all about how I believe (and AGREE WITH YOU)that pasta salad (like any other salad) should have lots of goodies: artichokes, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, ehh on the olives, but cheese and salami, etc.

    Anddddddddddd how your outfit was insanely gorgeous in the post, but ALSO IN This POST! love that grey sweater and your booties!!

    and yay for yummy snacks and trail walks!!

    i heart you!!
    and ps. we need to be facebook friends NOW. dub tee eff?! hit me up ladaaaaaaaaaay