Friday, April 29, 2011

Date Night

I guess Fridays are date nights for Richard and me. We've been meeting every Friday to catch a late lunch/early dinner and then just spend quality time together.

He's also my photographer hehe.

We found a lovely spot in Foster City next to a body of water and lots of houses. It's a nice little community.

blazer; AQUA, dress; FOREVER21, shoes; JIMMY CHOO, watch; MARC BY MARC JACOBS, sunglasses; GUCCI

 Funny story: That old woman there kept peering over the edge. Richard and I wanted to check out the gazebo and the old woman wanted us to help her take a plastic bag out of the water. She kept using thin little twigs to take it out but couldn't do it. Richard took her sticks and took it out for her. Supposedly, it was floating for about 2-3 days and she didn't want it to choke the sea animals. Yup, that's the bay area for ya!

 It was breezy but in a nice way because the air was still warm. It made for great pictures!
I got those Jimmy Choos a few years back for 50% off, which is rare for a size 5 like me, and I wore it a few times. I tried selling it on ebay with no success but I'm glad I didn't because I love them now!

Lunch was at Boudin's Bakery! One of my favorite bakeries!

We had a cookie as an appetizer. T'was a great amuse bouche.
 I had the turkey avocado on croissant with a side green salad.
 Richard had the turkey cranberry with a pasta salad.
The pasta salad was good before when it had artichokes and other junk. Now it's just bleh.

Now I need to hit the hay because I am sooo tired!

Goodnight loves!

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  1. great shoes!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. You look beautiful! Always. Richard takes great pictures. That lady sounds like a riot. So dedicated to the life force! I love that!
    A cookie is a brilliant appetizer btw!

  3. Aww looks like a great date with Richard. You have such great style, I love that dress!

    I'm glad you helped that older woman (and the sea animals!).

  4. That food looks absolutely DELICIOUS. And I love, love your pretty, breezy dress. It's so sweet that you helped that older woman -- Richard is clearly a doll.
    xo Josie

  5. omg such a small world! my boyfriend lives in foster city and i've been wanting to snap photos next to the water next time i'm up there! xx

  6. Great photos! I'm really loving that chocolate cookie though...MMmmmm..

    Missing Amsie Blog