Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner and Dessert

I have been applying to plenty of jobs this week. My job-search has been on halt since I got a temporary job working about 12-20 hours a week at a bra boutique. However, the money isn't cutting it and I'm not guaranteed a permanent position so my search has continued! It must be better in April since I have two interviews tomorrow! I prefer one job over the other one but decided that I should go to both interviews.

I am also hoping to hear back from a couple of positions soon.

Cross your fingers for me loves!

Look at this hilarious picture that Richard took of me:
I think I was too giddy to eat my favorite salad EVA! I look kinda dead without lipstick.

Richard and I met up for a late lunch/early dinner at Nordstrom.

We shared a Mango Ceylon tea. I have no idea what Ceylon is and I am skeptical of the nutrition stats. It claims that there aren't any calories but it's made with different fruits and herbs. I thought fruits and herbs had some calories? Does it magically disappear once it's in tea? Anyone please enlighten me.
 Nicoise salad with Salmon. Best. Salad. Ever. If I could eat this everyday, I would.
 Richard got the Cilantro-Lime Chicken Salad. It's usually with shrimp but this Nordies didn't have shrimp.
We also had an unpictured plate of bread and butter. It was stale and only had ends. Some Nordstroms are fancier than others like the one in downtown.

I know Nordstrom is a fancy department store but Richard and I LOVE Nordstrom bistro cafes. I think we had Valentine's Day lunch at the one downtown. The one downtown has fancy drinks, pomme frites with kalamata aioli and gourmet dishes like Shrimp and Asaparagus Risotto and Braised Short Ribs and the view of the city.

I'll have to say it's one of my favorite restaurants EVA.

For dessert we had La Baguette. It's a bit expensive but it's everything that I love. They have those skinny baguette sandwiches and Cafe Au Laits. I die.
We shared a Raspberry Creme Brulee but there was nothing Brulee about it. However, there was a small nugget of custard in the middle. Copenhagen has the best Raspberry mousse in my opinion.
 I had to get a cinnamon twist.
 Then had a petite Cafe Au Lait which was delicious and went with all my pastries and dessert.
I realized a little bit of sweet at the end of my meal is satiating. Sometimes I would feel hungry after a meal and decide to eat seconds but lately I would eat a mini Snickers after and I wouldn't crave anything after.

I think I'll try eating fruit right after dinner.

Have you girlies eaten at Nordstrom's before?

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  1. i've never eaten at a nordstrom's cafe before, but from your photos, the salads look delicious!

  2. I think that you look absolutely adorable in that photo. And those pastries look AMAZING!
    xo Josie

  3. good luck with the job hunt sweetie!
    I'm like you, look "dead" without lipstick.
    I've never dined at Nordstrom cafe, it looks really nice, need to try it out! :)

  4. *fingers crossed* for your job hunt!

    I have never eaten at Nordstrom's. I always eat lunch at the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus when I head into the city to shop:-)

  5. Best of luck with the job search! I hope the interviews go well :) That picture of you is fab! I think you look just great without lipstick!! What a yummy meal. And the cinnamon twist looks like a perfect ending to me. I've never eaten at the cafe at nordstroms but have heard good things

  6. This looks so yummy~ Love your blog, super cute!



  7. LOVELY pictures and everything looks AMAZING.

  8. Annie!!! You don't look dead without lipstick!! I think you still look absolutely gorgeous!!!

    And I agree, Nordstroms does have some good food!!!

    As for your 10 likes from your previous post, I am all about the UDON (kamaboko!!!) AND bread, AND CHIPOTLE and furr balls, but WHY OH WHY did you have to throw Olivia in there?! If you watched the City, you would know that she is just AWFUL! dislike!!!!! She is so rude and so mean and so selfish!

    haha oh well, I still heart you!! :P
    happy thursday daaaaaaaaahling!

  9. Oh my gosh! When I worked at a bra boutique (twins) I was literally caddy corner to Nordstrom and would get their lonchi ALL THE TIMES! So yummy! I love your taste! And Richard's butt (previous post).
    Good luck interviewing!

  10. wow amazing food! good luck with the job hunting dear :) x

  11. Very cool blog, an amazing outfit, you have a great eye for fashion. We love you and we will certainly visit often. Regards: D

  12. I always thought Nordstroms food would be bad...now I have to try it!

    I'm praying for you, Annie! What is your dream job?