Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Things

First off, Richard was really touched and wanted to thank all you guys for wishing him a happy birthday! He went to the sushi buffet with his family and ate his heart out and went to sleep around 9pm. He's such a little kid sometimes.

Second, Emily over at The EmmiFace tagged me!

10 Things I Love
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1. Chipotle
There are no words to describe how I feel for my favorite food place. My mouth waters just thinking about carne asada with guacamole (Chipotle guacamole is crack!) and different salsas. It's a surprise I haven't had it in awhile!

2. French Macaroons
Just Red Raspberry please! I don't know how the French do it but they managed to make a dessert super cute and super delicious. I always get a dozen on my birthday!

3. Udon
I love udon. I grew up eating it and I always have to get it when I eat at a Japanese restaurant. I make it a life mission to find THE best udon in the bay area. The #1 so far is at Tsuru in Japantown, not only do you get tempura with it but it's only $8!

4. Bread
I also love bread. I can eat a whole French baguette by myself and sometimes in one sitting. Just something about the fluffy white center and the crusty outer layer that gets to me. I usually eat it plain or with cold butter. I don't like hoity toity breads that have fillings or garlic bread. Bread doesn't need all that crap on there to make it good, it's great on its own.

5. Coffee
I start every morning with a cup of joe. I don't add sugar just milk please, cream on a special occasion.

6. Moleskines
I love Moleskines. I have a ton in every size and color. I love to write and doodle so it's perfect! Also, it is the official notebook of Ernest Hemingway and that man is a genius.

7. Richard
This man is the love of my life. We are high school sweethearts and started dating when I was 16. We were broken up for a year and it was one of the worst times in my life. He is not only my lover but my best friend! I tell him EVERYTHING.

8. My Doggies
They are my little teddy bears! They are always excited to see me everytime I come home, they give me lots of attention and lots of love. They're also very adorable and soft.

9. Friends
Please excuse my face since this was 5 years ago. This is my bestie, Jena, whom I have wonderful food adventures with. She's one of the few people that doesn't mind taking pictures with. Anywho the #9 spot is meant for friends not just Jena!

10. Olivia Palermo

This girl can do no wrong! Well, fashion-wise. I love how effortlessly she puts her clothes together and how fabulous she looks everyday! Definitely my favorite fashion icon.

Well there you go, my 10 things I love in no particular order. I recycled pictures because I got lazy =P

Have a great Tuesday loves!

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  1. I love this post! So much happy. And I've got to agree with you about it all, too - udon, macaroons, moleskins, it's allll good!

  2. I loved reading about all the things that make you happy, doll! So fun. I also am QUITE the coffee fan.
    xo Josie

  3. Your pups are so cute :) I love your food pictures :)


  4. I adore moleskins too, but they're so damn EXPENSIVE!!!! I also love coffee (hot or cold, tee hee).

    By the way, do you watch America's Next Great Restaurant?