Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tea Party

My birthday weekend was very fulfilling and I couldn't have asked for a perfect weekend. After Crissy Field we picked up the poopies and took them to the beach and played in the sand for about two hours. Richard and I wanted a really great dinner and decided we needed to grill some steaks and veggies to end the perfect birthday.
Richard was hankering for my aioli so I made some to eat with our sweet potato fries.
I had a piece of steak, hot links, rice pilaf and some veggies. I also made bacon wrapped cherry tomatoes that was really delicious. I love grilling.

Then today my sister, my cousin and I went and had a little elegant tea party.
Earl Grey with sugar and cream. The whole shabang. It was pretty good considering I like to have my tea black and plain.
I wore red lipstick because it's my birthday beezies!!
Our tier of deliciousness.
First tier had some cookies, blondies, an eclair and some fruit.
Second tier had little tea sandwiches. I forgot all the flavors but there was an egg sandwich, curry chicken, cucumber cream cheese, turkey dill and a turkey artichoke canape.
The third tier had a cinnamon apple scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream.
Then we had two plates of canapes. It had your standard brie and pear canapes and other ones I've never heard of.

Outfit of the day:
sweater, Vince; tunic+belt, H&M; opaque tights, Hue; heels, Christian Louboutin; clutch, Marc Jacobs
Totally loving this weekend.

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  1. This looks like SUCH a fantastic weekend, my dear! And how cute are you in those last photos? I'm obsessed (actually OBSESSED) with your heels and that adorable little MJ clutch!
    xo Josie

  2. Wow Annie, you look great in red lipstick. Don't just save it for your birthday!

  3. awwww! Happy Belated! Sorry I was a bad commenter- blogging was tough with the friends in town. Sounds like everything was perfect. MMMM sweet potato fries! And what a cool tea party. Your outfit is totally adorable

  4. Great tea party and perfect outfit for the occasion!

  5. I love your tea party! I want to do a tea party blog post sometime this summer!

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    I love how you make the transition from grilling steaks to high tea so effortlessly :)

    P.S. that Marc Jacobs clutch is awesome.