Monday, March 14, 2011

Java my Beach Please!

Most of you don't know but Richard lives RIGHT next to the beach. Plus, he lives two blocks away from this piece of heaven:

(image taken from

Java Beach. It is a hangout spot for surfers and they serve awesome coffee and baked goods. All organic as well.

On Sunday, Richard and I met at Java Beach and got some organic coffee. I got a buttered bagel as well and it was heaven. I still have mind-shattering dreams about it. It had a chewy crispy crust and so bready and soft on the inside.

We decided we will always meet Saturday mornings so I can always have a buttered bagel and organic coffee =)
We then hiked along the trail at Trails End.
We were basically on the other side of the bridge from Saturday.
Then we came across this creepy maze.
That pink hat was freaking me out.

I've also decided I am the worst mama in the world because not only did I forget to mention Maximus' birthday but also Titan's!

His was yesterdays. We're all 2 days apart.
Titan is my first puppy ever and he changed my world.
When he was a puppy his ears would stick up and then stick down and then one ear up and one ear down and finally they just stayed put.

Maximus loves to eat and Titan? He LOVES to sleep.
We fed him vanilla ice cream and he was happy starting his 3rd year.

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  1. He still looks like a little puppy! Aww <3

  2. your puppy is so cute! also, that beach looks amazing - with the views of the GGB!

  3. What a cool coffee spot! The bagel sounds like perfection. And happy birthday to Titan! ice cream sounds like a great birthday treat :)

  4. I love it how both of your dogs have these great manes of hair around their necks - very handsome!

    And I agree, that pink hat is very creepy...

  5. Beautiful place. Definitely looks like an amazing place to hangout. And ur puppy is jst too effin cute

  6. if you love organic coffee try
    The Bali Blue Moon is pretty amazing :)

  7. What an awesome spot, awesome pics! I need to check it out, I live in the Marina :-)

  8. What a darling little puppy! And that sounds like a fab little coffee spot... Jealous that your boyfriend lives on the beach!
    xo Josie

  9. gorgeous photos. your doggies are sooooo stinkin' cute! xx

  10. Lol the 'creepy' maze actually looks awesome XD
    *cuddles dog*

    I tagged you: