Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sorry I didn't do my post yesterday. My plan was to do it after dinner but dinner ran late and I just went to sleep instead.

I finally redid my hair couple days ago! I did my bangs two months back but they were too short and too blunt so I tried to make it look a bit piecey.
 I think my hair is a bit too coarse for bangs but whatever I'm going to rock it!!

Last night, my bestie Jena took me out for a late birthday dinner at the Outerlands.
 This was the best meal of the night and I want to recreate this at home. This was a savory bread pudding with Gruyere and mushrooms.
 Then we had a salad of greens, endive, some Japanese orange that tasted very tart like grapefruit, sliced almonds and dates with vinaigrette. I made sure I had each item in every bite because it was such a good combination.
 Then for dinner we had a chocolate tart
 and butterscotch panna cotta.

I die.

So delicious and fresh. This restaurant uses organic and local items so the menu is literally on a 5x7 card and it changes weekly.
Then we had a chitchat while netflixing back at her place. Her boyfriend's kitty was so intrigued that she sat perfectly on the edge of the chair and watched me. She also came over and sat on my lap and sniffed me. I think she smelled the doggies.

I am deathly tired and I need to get ready for work while watching Jersey Shore.

Have a great Wednesday lovers!

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  1. I love your bangs! I always want to cut my hair like that, more photos are providing me incentive :) And adore the kitty.

  2. I think the bangs look cute! I've never been able to pull off bangs. What a yummy dinner! The desserts look incredible. Enjoy your day too!

  3. Omg I love your bangs!
    I want some like that but I don't think I can pull it off!

  4. You are so cute Annie in that hair style!

  5. Ah! Your haircut looks great! And you are seriously making me hungry! Yumm!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

    P.S. Please check out my blog to see the auction I am holding to help Japan!

  6. I really like the bangs (I have piecey bangs too, but they're long and desperately need a trim)...they look good on you, suit your face.
    And your friend's bf's kitty is too cute!

  7. You are SUPER cute with bangs!! Love!
    Your meal has left me drooling - I have been wanting to try and make a savory bread pudding for quite awhile now. I should just try it even though I feel intimidated
    Happy Belated Birfday!

  8. The bangs are a big thumbs up :-)

    Ohh, that bread pudding looked amazing!

  9. You look so cute with a fringe! My hair is quite thick too but I find straightening with serum flattens the ends so they don't look so chunky :)

    That panna cotta looks deathly...!!