Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here and I have this urge to clean and re-organize and re-decorate my room. You see I still live in the bedroom I grew up in. I lived by myself in San Jose for almost two years and decided that I needed to move back home and now that I have accepted that I will be here for awhile I want to keep up to date with my room.
 These Chanel symbols were actually made by Richard when I was 16 (I know he's a sweetie!) and he knew how much I loved Chanel, fashion and France that he made it for one of our anniversaries or my birthday. Whatever, you know when you were teenagers you were celebrating monthiversaries!

My headboard wall
 Posters from Ikea that were bought with my own allowance and when I was very young.
 This poster has been crooked since it was put on.
 My biggest challenge is to make this look more presentable. I used to have this whole bookshelf dedicated to my Vogue magazines that I have collected over the years but downsized. However I have other crab on there like thermoses, lunch bag, clorox wipes, an espresso pot, sketchbooks, cups and the list goes on.
Another place I need to reorganize is my beauty shelf on top of my dresser. I need to find a way to put my headbands in a better more organized fashion.

I want my room to be girly now. I've always been such a tomboy and those few pieces of those wall ornaments were to girlify myself and I need something better and more appropriate. I just need to think of ideas and will share it with you girlies!!

So I have been tagged by Lene and show you what I was like Through the years:
 I'm a girl! Born on March 11, 1988 and born around 2 in the afternoon. I don't know how they measured the weight but I am pretty sure I was a pretty plump baby from what my mama said.
 I'm wearing blue and looking like a little boy because they were expecting twin boys and instead got another princess =)
 My professional baby pics with my awesome popcorn sweater!
 My first birthday with the traditional Korean dress.
 I think my 3rd birthday? I had to take this picture because I used to always tippy toe around the house pretending to wear heels like my grandma and mama.
 My sister and me.
My 8th grade graduation. This picture makes me laugh. I was so awkward in a skirt because I was such a tomboy and I had braces. I was also skinny like a twig: 5'0 and 95lbs.

My senior portrait. I thought I was so hot back then but I can tell you 5 years later wiser and with more fashion sense that this picture makes me cringe. This is before I heard of blush, lipstick and straightening iron.

Well that is pretty much I am willing to show and embarass myself! The recent pictures you've seen on this blog

I think I just had a great idea on what to put on my walls so have a great night ladies!

Happy St. Patrick's day and be careful of them popos!

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  1. WTH, you ARE hot, Annie! Even in that senior portrait!!! I will DIE for your eyebrows. The perfect arch. And your eyes are gorgeous, too, and you've got really lovely full lips.

    Anyway, before I sound like a creep, I loved your baby were adorable!! Hahaha! Braces!!

    Oh, and you better call me "unni" now...I'm 1987! ;-)

  2. You are sooooo cute Annie, I love that pic of you and your sister!!

    Spring cleaning? Yeah! I need to do that too!