Friday, March 18, 2011

Night Vision

My house went without ONE hour without power and it was the longest hour of my life. In times like these, I wish I followed through with my ukelele dreams so at least I could've played in the candlelight.

That's settled then. I need to buy a uekelele and learn to play it ASAP.

However, during that one hour in complete darkness I decided to use the night view on my camera. My camera is FAMOUS for being able to capture everything in night as you would view during the day without the use of flash.

 Can you tell it was pitch-black when I had taken it?


Another amazing find:
Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar soup from Costco. There were two tubs of this delicious artery-clogging creamy soup.

I die.

Does anyone watch 30 rock? Unless you live under a rock I am hoping you are religiously watching this show like I am.

The weird thing is, I have a crush on this guy:

Pete Hornberger. I think he is charming and I love his smile! I am a total creeper I know.

[ a n n i e ]


  1. I can see it. His personality is awesome and I think his body might even be kind of hot! However, my celebrity crush is Woody Harrelson, so I'm not sure I can be trusted :)

  2. Your pics are amazing! So dream- like!
    Love 30 rock -genius

  3. oooo beautiful pictures! your camera was awesome to be able to pick that up! and costco has such great finds for food. you reminded me if their yummy potato salad :9

  4. Those pictures are GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS. Love. And they sell Panera soup at Costco? We must rejoin. Hope you've had a good weekend.

  5. WOW those clouds are fabulous! i can't believe they were taken in pitch looks like your camera is living up to what its famous for!

  6. Super simple, but somehow so captivating. Love those night shot pix...I can totally see them blown up and arranged on an art wall in your home...Such a conversation for sure. Thanks for sharing!


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