Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love my City

San Francisco is HUGE. I was born and raised here yet I haven't gone to most districts. I usually just go to the same spots because I know what I like and today was no exception.

Richard didn't really blow off our plans. I was just too upset last night and he actually moved our date an hour later.

Since it was my birthday, Richard took me to La Boulange for brunch and French macaroons.
Started off with the obligatory large French roast. Since it was my birthday I used whole cream =) It was weird though because towards the end of our coffees we saw specks of ground coffee. I don't know what their coffee methods was but I don't appreciate chewing on grounds!!
Then I had the omelette with spinach, mushrooms and ham. It was okay, nothing special but the potatoes were really delicious! It was crispy and hard on the outside, white and floury on the inside. Of course I enjoyed my piece of bread with butter.
Then I wanted to go to Crissy Field because I just love it there and one day I would love to live there.
Crissy Field has an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge
The city skyscrapers and Alcatraz Island which apparently I didn't take a picture of.
My outfit of the day:

blazer, aqua; tank top, Forever21; jeans, D&G; shoes, Steve Madden

Funny story about these jeans. I actually bought these a couple years back and spent a fortune. I bought them in a size 25 (my high school size) and hoped that looking at these skinny jeans would make me lose all 30 pounds I gained. It didn't motivate me for the next 4 years but now they fit!!
I also took a sticker from La Boulange and didn't realize it meant happy birthday. The sales associate at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store actually told me. 
We also decided to enjoy some baked treats at Crissy Field.
10 red raspberry macaroons! My favorite!
Definitely felt spoiled.
Then shared a sugar brioche with Richard.
Eating pastries at Crissy Field on a bright day?

My 23rd year is looking good so far.

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  1. i love SF. one of my favorite cities. looks macaroons look delish! xo

  2. isn't san francisco the greatest? especially on beautiful days like this weekend! it sounds like you had a great birthday filled with delicious food - macaroons + sugar brioches? yum!

  3. Ah we live the same life, yay for being SF girls ;-)