Friday, March 11, 2011

Sparkling Sprinkles

Today, I turned 23 years old.

And again must I share my birthday with a horrible occurrence. My mom actually called this morning not to say happy birthday but to warn me of the tsunami.

I also had to work today but had to split my shift in half to come back home to do a study and then drive through traffic to get back to work only to drive back home in worser traffic.

Then Richard blew off our original plans so he can go biking with his boss.

I can't help but to feel upset and just want to lay in bed all weekend.


At least I came home to this:
Then I saw this huge crow sitting on top of my neighbor's roof. I was quick enough to take a picture but can't help but to wonder if it's an omen of some sort?

[ a n n i e ]


  1. Happy biggest sweetie! Sorry that it was a not spectacular day, I am surebRichard will make up fo you later

  2. Happy birthday Annie, those cakes look delicious and I always think it is nice to spend a night by yourself sometimes. Hope Richard made it up to you with big pressie! xx

  3. 23! What a sweet age, and how better to celebrate than with cuppie cakes?! Richard, you're a bum.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Sprinkles seriously cure EVERYTHING!!If I came home to that I would have a hard time not gorging myself:)
    I'm sure your man will make it up to you with a sizable prezzie!

  5. i'm so glad to hear you are okay! the news yesterday morning shocked me too. i couldn't believe what I was reading and watching. i'm praying for those affected and hope they will find more survivors.

    happy belated nonetheless :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Those cupcakes look very yummy.

    Working on your b-day is the worst :-(