Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once You Dip, You Won't Acquit

There is absolutely no doubt that I love Greek yogurt and garlic. So what happens when you combine the two?
Face-rocking explosion on your tastebuds.

It's my version of a garlic aioli

  • garlic (depending on how garlicky you like it so you know I put about a spoonful)
  • butter (depending on how much butter you like. I don't particularly like melted butter so I had enough to sautee my garlic a little)
  • Greek yogurt (I used 0% Fage)
  • salt and pepper
  • chili flakes
What you do is melt the butter with garlic on a frying pan and then mix it with Greek yogurt, salt and pepper and chili flakes if you like it hot.
I dipped my Trader Joe's sweet potato fries in it but I usually use it to dip my fish since I hate tartar sauce. I am also pretty sure that it will rock your face on a regular baked potato.

I failed to mention that it was Maximus' birthday yesterday! He is now 2 in human years. I still remember the day I brought Maximus home.
He has permanent puppy dog eyes and isn't afraid to use them to get what he wants!

This is when he lost all his puppy fuzz and was short-haired.
Now he has a lions mane and ruffles. He looks a bit older but he is still handsome as ever! I am always asked if he is a miniature Golden Retriever but he's actually a cockapoo mix. I consider him the Brad Pitt of dogs because he is so handsome but I think I say that because I am his mama.

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  1. Your puppy is SO cute and I have to try your dip -- sounds perfect with fries!
    xo Josie

  2. Awwww, what a little cutie! I'll give that dip a go, good idea to have it with fish x

  3. I just started eating Greek yogurt a couple months ago and it's so good! I love the chobani flavored ones. I bought the big tub of plain yogurt to eat with granola, but now I'll try making your dip! ~Emily

  4. Cute puppy pics! I am so trying that aioli next time I make sweet potato fries - yum!

  5. owwwwww! I must try this. I'm a greek yogurt fanatic :) Happy birthday to your little baby! So cute

  6. What a ridiculously cute puppy. And yogurt and garlic...that sounds like an acquired taste ha!

  7. I am def going to try this! I have only recently discovered how AMAZING greek yogurt is in every way! Have you tried Chobani? I think it is better than Fage! Heaven on earth:)
    Maximus is adorable- what a cute name too!
    I need to of more pics of Henri my French Bulldog:)

  8. Ohh, greek yogurt with garlic??? I am so there!

    Maximus is sooo the Brad Pitt of dogdom :-)