Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry for not updating as much girlies! I was actually stressed for time right after my last post. I have now learned my lesson and not to procrastinate anymore (or as much).

Reno was fun and I didn't take any pictures. There wasn't any snowboarding either since the weather was terrible.

I have been eating horribly throughout my whole weekend but I mean that's what vacations are for right? Let's just say there was more than overindulging and gluttony involved. The effects of doing so led me to have an unbelievably swollen face and bloated stomach in the morning. This definitely screams detox! Although my definition of a detox is probably a bit skewed.

I don't mean drinking a drink of cayenne pepper and lemonade but basically try and not eat out and eat more veggies.

My plan:

-80% of my meals should have veggies.
-No sauce as possible meaning it should be "clean."
-No more bleached flour (ate WAAAAY too much bread).

I'm still not going to deprive myself but I feel antsy in a way since I feel like I have too much sodium and crap in my blood.

Only pictures I took was the Whole Foods we ate at after driving for hours on 50 since I-80 was closed all weekend!
 The biggest Whole Foods I have seen yet.
Whole Foods hot bar is like CRACK. I had a little bit of everything: autumn salad, chicken tikka masala, madras potatoes, basmati rice, brown rice with veggies, Szechuan green beans, a crapload of my favorite: cabbage crunch, garlic noodles, penne primavera, chicken cacciatore, one hot wing and steamed veggies.

Everything was delish especially the Indian food because Whole Foods does Indian food RIGHT!

It was also snowing half the time we were there.

It was beautiful

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  1. It's all good mama!
    That's what happens in Nevada.

  2. Glad you had so much fun! <3 the WFs hot and cold bars. I've missed your posts ;)

  3. Reno???
    I always think of "Reno 911."
    I'm sure that isn't realistic.
    But I wish it was.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Yep, I tend to over-indulge on vacations - if it says "fried" I am going to order it!

    you should try to make my chicken tikka masala - it always gets rave reviews (except from my hubs who won't even try it!) and its easy enough to do on a week night.

    Happy Monday!

  5. That salad looks great...and Whole Foods seems to be getting bigger every time I visit one, lol.

  6. I'm so with you. I ate terribly this weekend so told hubs that we are going to be detoxing this week.

    Whole Foods hot bar is impossible to stay away from! We have a pretty big whole foods near us and everytime we go there I feel like I have to get something!