Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Traveling: Part 1

Richard and I have been travelling on weekends together and it's nice. Richard works a million hours a week so it's a nice way to relax for him and just fun for me!

We are going to Reno this weekend to hit the slopes one last time of the season and it's suppose to be both of our birthday presents to each other.

I love our weekends but....

I hate to pack. I loathe unpacking even more. Since we want to keep travelling on weekends together I just decided that I have my stuff packed already.
 The Vera Wang dustbag has all my toiletries and the little beauty bag is my makeup bag and can just be zipped and put in my bag.
 My Wang bag has Clinique night cream, Kiehl's sample moisturizer, MAC oil cleanse (great to take off waterproof and is cheaper than Lancome and Shu Uemura) and Clinique non-aerosol hairspray.
 The ziploc bag contains a small mouthwash, traveling toothpaste, small solution, small Clinique soap, extra contacts and some cotton pads.

I don't know if it's lazy or neurotic but I have doubles so that way I can have my stuff ready and I won't feel like I forgot something like a toothbrush. I used to take my toothbrush from home but most of those times I would forget it and would have to buy one at a local walgreens and they ain't cheap people! The Clinique traveling soap is a great deal because you get 3 little soaps for about $15 and it comes with a traveling case.

Although the soap (I keep typing soup!!) is not really great for people with dry skin but it's awesome for super oily people like me.

I also got tagged this weekend!

By the lovely Emily at TheEmmiFace!

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Excuse my messy writing and the boring paper.

Have a great Tuesday lovers!

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  1. I love traveling and packing! The last time I traveled some of my makeup broke though!

  2. I think its so fabulous that you are enjoying traveling together :) I hateeee unpacking! I used to travel every single week for work- and unpacking drove me bonkers!Enjoy reno

  3. looking forward to seeing all the fun you two have in reno! i agree with you when it comes to packing - definitely not a fan of the unpacking part!

  4. i dispise packing as well but i feel like im packing every other weekend, ive got it down. i have been living out of my travel toiletries bag since forever! xx

  5. Dude! I just wrote a post about traveling and I hate packing as well! Hahha man we are alike. I wish I could go to the snow. Do you snowboard or ski? And I'm glad you had fun with the tag! ~Emily

  6. I love your favorite quote -- that's brilliant.
    xo Josie

  7. Oh I couldn't agree more, it is way more easy to just have a bag packed with the necessities already.
    I tend to buy two of most of those kinds of things and then have a small bag all ready and packed for when I need it.
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  8. I travel a lot for work and I have all my toiletries packed like you so I never have to repack. I even have two sets of make up brushes and my favorite makeup packed away for my trips.

  9. Enjoy the trip! Looks like you've more than covered the essentials. I usually have a packed bag of extra stuff ready for if I ever go anyway... sadly I rarely do. Boo!

    I like your writing, it's cute!

  10. this is brilliant. i just started doing the same and it cuts down on time SO MUCH. just have those little baggies pre-packed, toss it in and off you go. yay!


  11. Ugh, packing is the worst! No wait, make that unpacking ; )

    I think it's so awesome that you two take that quality time for each other every weekend and combine it with exploring a new place. Awesome.

    Have fun in Reno!

  12. i keep tiny doubles too! makes life a lot easier!


  13. Packing sucks, but it's better than unpacking because at least you have a trip to look forward to! I have no make-up to pack, but my bag is always full of underwear. I get paranoid about not having enough clean underwear.

    Your handwriting, my dear, is NEVER messy!!