Monday, March 28, 2011

Feet are Killing Me

It's no secret that I love to indulge in Christian Louboutin shoes and for a long time I probably would've given my left arm in order to get one. It never got that extreme and I made enough to buy the right amount to keep me grounded.

However, I have two dogs. My first, Titan, was a breeze to train and he was easy to maintain. Maximus, on the other hand, is a handful. He isn't the brightest crayon in the box and he doesn't know what full is.

So, if you guys see where I am going with this, my dog Maximus uses my shoes as chewtoys.
 First pair:

 Nothing wrong with this shoe.
 Then you see this one.
 Chewed all the way down to the bone.
 Then skinned alive.

Second pair:
 Nothing wrong.

 You don't see anything really wrong with this shoe either until you see the heel.

Not as bad as the first pair but these are made with pink satin so I don't know how this can be fixed.

Many thoughts ran through my head:
  • What do you think getting expensive shoes?
  • What did you think having a dog that is teething?
  • This wouldn't have had happened if I weren't so lazy and so trustworthy and left my shoes out.
  • This wouldn't be such a big problem if you had bought cheaper shoes!
I learned my lesson but now am so traumatized that many pairs of shoes are locked away, unworn under my bed.

I've also read a Vogue from a while back that a shoe repair shop in New York specializes in Louboutins but I can imagine that it will cost about the same as the shoe!

Mr. Christian Louboutin, if you can hear me, please be kind and send me replacement pairs please!
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  1. oh no!!! poor shoes, especially that first pair!

  2. Oh no!!!!!!! I would kill my dogs if they did this. Just kidding. But I would be furious :(

    At least your dog teaches you that you shouldn't hold on too much to material things because things like this could happen :'(

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. AAAAAAHHH! I am absoutely cringeing reading this! I know exactly how much those Louboutins cost and to see them chewed up like that really makes my heat ache for you:(
    If it makes you feel any better my pooch likes to chew sunglasses- expensive Tom Ford ones. I really don't know how he goes about finding them- they just appear in his mouth!
    Have you taken the second pair to a regular shoe repair person- I think they may be able to be salvaged there as there doesn't seem to be much fabric missing. Hope this helps:)

  4. oh my god! such a pity! next time learn your dogs to eat the newspaper!

  5. ohhhh noooooo! I feel very lucky, Frank never went for clothes/shoes. But he did eat the base board in our bedroom :) Good thing pups are so cute!

  6. RIP poor Louboutins...The pink pair seems like it could be repaired! Was this recently? ~Emily

  7. ahh you poor thing and those poor shoes!!

    stop by sometime<3

  8. Gosh! This is terrible, I love my dog and my Loubies too, poor shoes! Pink one can be surely repaired, let's hope!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  9. Oh noooo! This is absolutely heartbreaking, Annie. I'm so sorry. I think you should definitely check out shoe repair places and see if they can help you at all.
    xo Josie

  10. my heart is bleeding just looking at the photos. luckily, my dogs are not attracted to my shoes.


  11. I am not sure I could ever forgive my dog!
    (Well of course I would, but it would take me a long while of moping first).
    Eeeek, I hope they stop now.
    <3 Nicole Lisa