Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saag, you are my Kryptonite

I am currently watching Friends as much as I can because my friend Hana just came back from a 6 month teaching job in Korea and I am pretty sure she wants them back ASAP! At least I had 6 months with one of my favorite shows.

My sister had mentioned Indian food on Saturday and it has all I've been thinking about. So, we decided that we were due for one and got Indian lunch buffet! The place is called Indian Clay Oven and it is about $10 for each person and it is glorious! However we went to the San Mateo restaurant from our usual San Francisco one and it is different.
 My first plate: Saag, Chana Masala, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken curry thing, potatoes and basmati rice. Yes, I fell off the wagon and had chicken but I do plan to go back on. The San Francisco one has more vegetarian choices like my favorite chickpeas, peas and potato curry dish but I'm glad this one had Chana Masala! I made sure I got plenty of onions because onions and curry are the shizzzz. However the potato dish was the worst. I took a bite of the potatos and got a huge chunk of ginger in my mouth. It was so pungent and the ginger was obviously a piece with the hard tough skin on it because I had to fish it out of my mouth. My eyes were burning and I was gagging. I mean, don't get me wrong I love ginger but in small doses. Yuck.
Sorry for the blurry pic but this was my second plate! More Saag, Chicken Tandoori (so I can get the onions), Chicken Curry, Chana Masala and basmati rice.

I am really into Saag but anything with spinach is pretty good. My ex-roommate was Indian and that was her favorite dish and I know why! So delicious, I made sure I mixed my rice with it. So yummy.

This lunch is still part of my rules because my sister paid!

Anyways, I must go back to browsing Kim Kardashian in New York pics because she is dressing fabulous over there! Such a big change from her LA days.

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  1. I just love Indian food! Chana Masala and Aloo Matar are my favorites - but I do really like it all! I'll have to check out this place.