Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little French Girl

I have different personality disorder. Sometimes my inner drag queen comes out and I'll wear sequins and tons of glitter or my inner artsy side will come out and will sketch all day. However, the personality I can most identify myself with is a little French girl.

Now, you see, I am full KOREAN. There is nothing French-looking about me. But, I think for someone that LOVES bread and fashion, France seemed like a magical kingdom. Then the interest of French culture and the language came naturally. Hence taking French in college and reading books about how French women stay so skinny.

I can imagine my time in France: waking up early in the morning to head down to a cafe eating a bunch of pastries and cafe au laits, reading fashion magazines in my black skinny pants, striped sweater, beret and red lipstick.

I need to go to France ASAP!
My lunch: delicious chicken soup with noodles and bread with butter.
Then I shared the Valentine's Day cupcake with my sister. I couldn't cut the heart in half so I gave it to her since I don't really like sweets.
Then I had this delicious pastry that must've been baked in God's kitchen because it was mouthwatering. The croissant was so flaky that there were flakes flying everywhere and custard so thick and creamy that it was like butterscotch pudding. This masterpiece isn't for the polite ladies who eat with their pinkies in the air. This is for the people who eat with passion, who lick off every flaky morsel off of their fingers and smack their lips in ecstasy.

Where can you find this pastry? Andersen bakery.

Yes, it's found right in my mall! It is quite bizarre since I've tried almost every little hole-in-the-wall bakeries in the depths of San Francisco but I guess baking skills aren't just found in the hands of prestigious culinary bakers.

Au Revoir!

a n n i e


  1. That delightful little flaky thing was full of custard?! It DOES sound like pure and absolute perfection. You can bet I wouldn't be letting one crumb go to waste either.

    I want to visit France SO badly one day. I took french all throughout high school, I can't let those skills go to waste, I need to utilize them in their natural environment! ;)

  2. yum! the cupcake and pastry so tasty, especially all the fruit and custard filled in the pastry! also, your image of life in france sounds lovely and so picturesque - you should go for it! :)

  3. When you go to France I'm coming!

  4. I think I have a little bit of French in me as well, my dear! If for no reason than my love of croissants and all things pastry-esque. I desperately want to go there someday!
    xo Josie