Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the Spirit

Please read there will be a GIVEAWAY at the end!

For the first time in a long time I am somewhat excited to celebrate Valentine's Day. Richard and I are actually going to do something fun this year. We are going to San Luis Obispo and running the chains of love marathon and then later going to a fancy shmancy French restaurant.

So, to be more in the spirit I did something different with my nails.
 MAC's nail laquer in Rougemarie and Chanel's le vernis in Magnolia Rose.
 I could've painted them all pink with red hearts but I wanted it to be subtle enough so it wouldn't be tacky and it will distract from my fancy shmancy night where I go all out and dress to the nines.
 Excuse the nailpolish in the cuticles, it will come off easily after taking a shower.
 Another look.

Now it's GIVEAWAY time!

 It is actually one of two giveaways I will be conducting. You see I have these ghetto-fabulous Juicy Couture key fobs that are so fabulously bling blinging. I thought I could pull them off but I usually stick my keys in my pocket and these are for people who loves being fabulous and aren't afraid to show it!
The first one will be this pink Juicy Couture key fob!

Now, I hope 6 of my devoted readers will participate because I love you guys but I will abuse this opportunity and hope that you guys will spread this cool giveaway to other readers.

So, please link my giveaway on your post and comment back so you can get 2 chances of winning!

Non-bloggers are encouraged to participate but please give your name in the comments and check back if you win.

This giveaway will end on Valentine's day and will be announced at night. Please comment back on this post and not the other ones!

Please answer this following question in this giveaway:

What makes you FABULOUS?

a n n i e


  1. That sounds like such an awesome Valentine's day! San Luis Obispo is beautiful! What a great spot for a run. Your nails look cute. I'm so NOT artistic...jealous ;) What makes me fabulous? I think I'm a fabulous friend!

    Sorry I've been MIA! I will finally have a post up tomorrow morning <3

  2. Your nails look so cute! I love them :) You and Richard are going to have a ball.
    It's hard to pick just one quality that makes me fabulous...LOL. I kid. I am very warm.

  3. I've never even been to California - have a great time!

    What makes me fabulous? The ability to cry, but still be strong for my hubby! :D

  4. I lovez your nails! i especially like the chanel magnolia rose color =) have fun this deserve it.

  5. YOU make me fabulous.

    ...mush mush

  6. LOL and the above comment! hee hee.

    Hm...I think my brains make me fabulous! And the fact that I'm God's kick-ass daughter who WILL do kick-ass things in the future. :D

  7. such cute nails! specially suitable for the coming valentines!!! :D

    what makes me fabulous? mmmm...... hard to say one thing... maybe the combo? hahahha...

  8. WOW!! What awesome nails!! I love love love the heart, and love that you didn't paint them ALL with hearts too! Gorgeeeeeey!

    As for the giveaway!! OOO LALA I WANT WANT WANT!

    Haha I think I am fabulous because I am a gooooof-ball.