Sunday, February 13, 2011

Held Hands

I am back from my valentine's vacation! It was fun and of course I was sad when it ended and I am mega pooped.

We arrived around 10ish at our hotel and I made sure I had half my sandwich before I went to sleep because I knew I wasn't going to have time to eat breakfast in the morning. 
The other half I ate after my 10k. It was really beautiful in San Luis Obispo and I ran through the campus and saw horses, hares, cows and pigs! It was so beautiful! Although it smelled bad at some point *cough* pigs *cough*.

We finished the race holding hands (couples were encouraged to hold hands hence the chains of love name). It felt awesome! My first 10k and it won't be the last!

Then for lunch Richard and I headed up to Paso Robles and went to Thomas Hills Organics.
Started off with organic Pinot Noir.
Then Richard and I shared a white bean and cauliflower puree that was topped with roasted red peppers and served with dukkah. It's an Egyptian mixed nuts dish that went well with the hummus.
The pita bread was grilled and it was smoky and crispy and oh so delicious.
Then we shared rare hanger steak tacos with salsa verde, greens and a hard-boiled egg.
I got the shaved celery root, enoki mushrooms, quinoa, shaved turnips, avocados on top of arugula with a lemon vinaigrette.

Richard got a cream cheese (I forgot what it was called) with stone-ground mustard, pears and something else. It came with a small field greens salad with quinoa and lemon vinaigrette.

Then Sunday morning we had brunch/lunch.
We got free apple turnovers and rice potato fritters.
Richard started off with a butter lettuce salad with goat cheese, beats and walnuts.
I had this beauty: a cream of white bean and potato soup with pesto, croutons and sprouts.
Then I got a steak (I was craving it) for an entree. It was topped with shallots and cabernet butter with fries and homemade ketchup. I hated the shallots and butter. I took it off and just enjoyed the steak with the coarse sea salt that was in a little bowl on the table. It was good salt.
Richard got the special of the day: smoked salmon, avocado sandwich with an over-easy egg on top with hollandaise and a side salad.
There was a rock in a plant next to me and it looked like a potato? I forgot what I thought it looked like but it was an interesting rock.

I had such a great weekend! Paso Robles is like a small Napa food and wine country and it was filled with vineyards and great food. It may be a yearly thing now for me and Richard!

Anywho, you guys can still enter my GIVEAWAY!

I will post the results tonight!

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  1. What an adorable and sweet getaway!! Love that you guys held hands as you crossed the finish line!!

    All of those eats sound fantastic tooooooo!! Soup, paninis, tacos, pita and dip! Jeaaaaaaals. I could eat tacos or taco salads probably 4 or 5 times a week.


  2. What a fantastic weekend! SO cute that y'all finished the race holding hands (I love it!). And all of the food looks so yummy. I'd love to try the white bean and cauliflower puree and your white bean soup (pesto adds so much to soups). Glad you had fun!!