Monday, February 14, 2011

I will wait for you

Although this post says it is February 13, it is actually February 14 and it's Valentine's Day! At this very moment I am looking through all my online shopping deliveries (found something for my birthday tea party!) and watching Futurama. The very special episode in which it makes me cry like a baby. The one where Fry tries to clone his doggy back to life and he doesn't end up doing it and they show a little montage of Seymour waiting for Fry and it just brings me to tears.

Anywho, today is Valentine's Day and I had an early Valentine's Day dinner with Richard on Saturday at Bistro Laurent in Paso Robles.
Our Amuse Bouche: smoked salmon on toasted baguette with creme fraiche and chives.
We had warm bread with real French butter and it was one of my favorites that night! You know I will jump through fires to eat some good bread!

First Course:
Richard got the salad of endives, prosciutto, roquefort cheese and apples.
I got the salad of blue crab and avocado with balsamic reduction. My favorite of the night! So fresh and avocado-y.

Second Course:
Richard had the cream of chanterelles with truffle oil. Delish!
I got the crispy tart with duck confit, ratatouille, beet and carrot shreds, onions and goat cheese. It was good but I think I can safely say duck isn't one of my favorite meats.

Third Course:
Richard got the lobster and crab with asparagus with buerre blanc.
I had the roast salmon with brussel sprouts with buerre blanc. Did I tell you how much I love brussel sprouts? Especially brussel sprouts that are perfectly cooked? I had an orgasm in my mouth. Yes, brussel sprouts tend to do that to me. Plus, put buerre blanc on a boot and I'll eat it.

Fourth Course:
Richard had the roasted pork with puree of potatoes and mustard sauce.
I had the filet of beef with a ragout of fingerling potatoes and chanterelles. It was too meaty and too salty! I like my potatoes to be white and not sauced because I need that sort of palette cleanser between each bite of meat.

Fifth Course:
I had the sugar crepes with strawberries, raspberries, one blackberry, french vanilla with raspberry coulis. It was alright but I'm not one to like desserts. I had a bite and gave the rest to Richard. Richard had the chocolate tart but didn't take a picture. It wasn't the best chocolate tart anyways.

I wish I can go back to Paso Robles just to eat! But my next step will be NAPA!!

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  1. That salmon looks fantastic!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

  2. Everything looks amazing!

    Happy Valentines Day!