Thursday, February 3, 2011

Job Searching is hard!

Job searching is so hard! I think I've applied to about 30-40 jobs within the past two weeks and I've got a call back for just two. It's realy frustrating on how bad this economy is. I mean I am grateful I still have my parents to depend on and unemployment for the time-being but I can't help but to think of the people who have families to support and can't get any job. It really puts me in a different perspective. I am totally grateful for everything that I have and I just need to learn to really appreciate it. I am also thinking about giving personal training a go since it's something I really enjoy and I want to be able to help people as well. It might mesh well with my schedule since I will be going back to school full-time in the summer. I am feeling somewhat discouraged with the situation though =(

However, my food intake has been delicious and nutritious! It's also bringing me a lot of joy.
 Like this beautiful salad. It is mixed greens with red and green bell peppers and I've added roasted broccoli, brussel sprouts and onions to the mix. I mixed it all together with Cardini's balsamic vinaigrette.

Then after my nerve-racking interview yesterday, my sister treated me to lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant.
 Complimentary bread! It is something I've never tried but it was dense and sweet. A cross between a ciabatta and a french baguette. It blew my mind. Plus it was warm.
I got the lunch special which was swordfish kebabs that was marinated with a lemon garlic sauce. It came with a greek salad, delicious rice and roasted mushrooms and tomato. You bet I squeezed the crap out of that lemon all over everything!

Lemon, garlic and mayo: the best condiments EVA.

Well I will be spending the day running errands and hopefully getting some call backs!

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  1. Hey girl! I know exactly how you feel. I moved to California at the end of September and didn't get a job offer until the very end of November. It was a very frustrating time, but so many things happened that made me realize that I was still so fortunate and blessed: I have my health, my family and friends, my amazing husband, etc. I'm glad you are trying to stay positive! Something will work out - it might not be tomorrow or even next week, but have faith that it will!

  2. My bro is looking for jobs too and he hasn't really heard back from any. The job market really is tough right now...but I have faith that when the right door opens, it opens to the best possible world out there.

    Hang on there, annie!