Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tell me how good this meal looks:
It has all my favorites: salmon baked with jalapenos and tons of onions, broccoli lightly stirfried with carrots and more onions with soy sauce and my delicious mixed grains rice.


It disgusted me.
First off, my mama made this labor intensive meal for me but I don't know where she got the salmon. I had to carefully chew through my salmon because I kept finding random bones and random fish scales throughout my meat. I don't mean to be a snob but when you clean fish, I would assume that scales are a big NO NO and so are bones. ESPECIALLY in salmon.

So, I couldn't help but to not enjoy my meal because I couldn't. Everything else was delicious though.

Another reason why I may not have enjoyed my meal was probably reading Peta news during. I was reading about the epidemic of pigs getting food and mouth disease in South Korea and how thousands are being thrown in trucks to be dumped in huge "graves" basically being buried alive. Vaccines to cure these pigs aren't even costly. So why with all the cruelty?

I don't understand people sometimes. When have we all become desensitized? When have we stopped appreciating the animals that feed us?

Anyways, it makes me feel more secure in becoming a pescetarian but maybe due to my horrible experience with fish lately, I might just go full vegetarian.

I've also been seeing the benefits of eating less meat such as: feeling better, losing weight (I didn't do it for this reason!) and I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin!

I just need to come up with more vegetarian meals.

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