Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm kind of getting sick of eating fish. I think I overdid it with bringing fish to lunch everyday with rice pilaf that I wanted to take a break. So, I splurged a little and got myself a vegetarian burrito at the most expensive friggin mall food court food ever.
 This little beauty cost me about $8 with my employee discount. I was baffled about spending that much on a burrito, I mean, Chipotle gives you a crap load of food with TONS of guacamole for the same price! Anywho, besides the price, it was what my soul had ordered. Delicious flour (although I always prefer corn!)tortilla wrap over cilantro rice, salsa, guacamole, black beans and a ton of cheese. Paired with a side salad and tortilla chips. I also had a lot more salsa (yay for salsa bars!) and onions. The onions were a horrible idea because I had onion breath =P

I've also been having such an itchy yearning to be creative and treated myself to a Moleskine notebook.
 Only one is a real Moleskine. The others are notebooks that I bought from Borders for maybe a third of the price of a Moleskine. I realized that although having a journal is basically a blog but I want to be able to have these notebooks for a long time and hope that my children will read these and see how I was like when I was much younger. I don't know if websites will be around still in 50 years. So it's a precaution.
Unfortunately, I have no inspiration at the moment.


a n n i e

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  1. I've stopped keeping journals ever since I started my blog....I see no point in it anymore...well, actually, I do. It's kind of a different feeling to scribble into a small book and be able to carry it around everywhere.

    Hm...maybe I'll buy myself a notebook, too...