Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Now

It is the day after my sweet much needed vacation and I am very tired. I had loads of fun with Richard and for once I was able to just relax. We also upgraded to a jacuzzi tub and we also ordered room service. Unfortunately, Richard was a bit sick and wasn't able to sleep or taste his food =(

We, of course, stopped in Davis to eat his favorite Mexican restaurant, Dos Coyotes.
 I always go nuts when there is a salsa bar. There are two fire-roasted tomato salsa, some weird cabbage mixed with tomatoes and onions, avocado cream of some sort, jalapenos and limes.
 I got the shrimp burrito and made sure every bite had a lot of salsa, lime juice, jalapenos and cabbage. It was really good and it was a great deal. I think for two shrimp burritos I paid $17, but considering we had big succelent shrimp and free chips and Chipotle would be be more if we got guacamole in each of our burritos and chips as well. This shrimp burrito had a white sauce, salsa, rice, cheese and guacamole.

When I was coming back, we had Korean food. It's like a tradition of my family's because the best type of Korean food would be in some random hole in the wall and in the middle of nowhere and it tasted the best when we came back from a trip.
 These are the side dishes. That sweet potato braised in some sort of soy sauce-based sauce was hella bomb.
 I got soon tofu and the menu didn't let you choose whether or not you wanted beef or seafood. Luckily for me, it was seafood. It was really good after a long day. The Korean restaurant had the Golden Globes on the tv and so Richard and I chilled and took our time eating. I loved Olivia Wilde's dress though. Favorite of the night!

I didn't take much pictures especially since there was a lot of snow involved and none of us felt like carrying the camera.
 This is me and my snowboard! I loved that bandit Underarmour bandana thing. I felt like a badass. Snowboarding was actually really fun this year, I remember going on my 21st birthday and I couldn't really keep up due to my extra weight and being out of shape. 30lbs lost and I was back to my old self on the slopes!

We also went snowmobiling and it was like a tour and it was so beautiful! Lake Tahoe is seriously a yearly tradition and I am glad we go every year.

Now I need to run some errands and clean my room before school starts tomorrow.


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  1. You really, really remind me of one of my dearest friends, Ruth. You both have the most perfect eyebrows ever.

  2. Glad you had such a fabulous trip! mmm Mexican! Salsa bars are amazing! My husband always like to create his own combos of salsa to get the heat level just right ;)

  3. My husband and I went to a Korean BBQ a couple months ago - other than the grilled meat, I LOVED all the tiny side dishes we got - they were so good!

    But I'll take a Mexican condiment bar any day! :D