Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Come, let's Gather Around the Laptop

I realized how my scenery doesn't change at all. I am always chilling on my little Korean coffeetable/dining table (the one where you gotta sit on the floor) with my laptop on and Friends running on my PS3.

 Example 1: Breakfast. I had fiesta veggie egg scramble with hot sauce, roasted potatoes and hot coffee. I got the fiesta veggies from Safeway. It's frozen but so convenient! There are broccoli florets and stems, corn, black beans and red bell peppers. It's cheap and good. Yum.
 Example 2: late dinner. I closed the other night and came home to make some Pastaroni that I mixed my fiesta veggies and frozen green beans in. It made it super watery and lack of flavor. I had to put extra parmesan cheese and Tapatio.
 I only had half the pasta and I was still hungry so I had Joe's O's with freeze-dried (wrote fried at first! LOL!) strawberries and nonfat milk. Simple yet satisfying.


I went to Trader Joe's this morning and it was SOO relaxing! I took my time going through every aisle and looking at every single item carefully and took it all in. Retail Therapy, always works.
 Example 3: another breakfast. After my Trader Joe run I made breakfast. I got brown rice tortilla and stuffed with scrambled eggs with spinach, mexican cheese, salsa and tons of Tapatio. Halfway through my tortilla broke into pieces! Do I need to steam beforehand? I don't want to steam with a papertowel because I don't want to create more trash. Help me ladies!!
 Of course this was all washed down with coffee. Oh why is coffee so addicting?!
Example 4: lunch. I had half of Trader Joe's Chana Masala (other half is packed for lunch tomorrow) with two naans. Holy Crap the naan was seriously addicting and the aroma from the bag was killer. I am going to stock up on these ASAP.

Anywho, I will be having another session with Richard and dinner after. I have a new idea for my blog and I will share it with you all tomorrow!


a n n i e

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  1. Try microwaving the tortilla for 30 seconds before and put in all your contents while still warm. That always works for me! Could also be because the tortilla is made with brown rice.