Saturday, January 29, 2011


Since I am unemployed and won't be getting much money for awhile I figured I need to change my lifestyle from being able to buy whatever I want and desired to being frugal and somewhat healthier.
  1. I won't be buying coffee anymore. Although it's not a big purchase, it does add up after awehile. Thus, meaning I must know how to make delicious coffee at home or continue drinking crappy Trader Joe's instant coffee.
  2. No more buying food. That means goodbye to Chipotle (it won't be forever my love!) and hello to homecooked meals. Which means I must keep my tastebuds excited by creating new recipes and meals. I also must get back into oatmeal in the mornings. This also means eating down my freezer (I have a ton of vegetable burgers I must eat up).
  3. When in doubt, just walk everywhere. Gas prices are actually rising and I don't have anywhere important to go so it makes sense that I give Earth a break and not drive. If I have to go somewhere I will catch a ride with my parents or sister.
  4. Being organized. I need to be able to use my time well and not just lounge around and netflix all day.
  5. Work hard on my internship and hopefully I will be able to start earning some money there!
  6. Work out like crazy.
  7.  Be productive. I think this has to be the most important.
I will think of three more rules just to make it an even 10 but right now I am hungry and I must prepare something before I pass out.

Have a great day girlies!

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