Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hungry for Breakfast

I woke up this morning STARVING for breakfast. It's unusual for me because I'm not really a breakfast kind of person. Maybe it had to do with hardcore working out last night?
First thing I do after getting out of bed is brew some coffee in my favorite Starbucks coffee mug.
I made some "hash browns" with Trader Joe's tater tots generously dipped in ketchup.
Then I made my Sante Fe veggie egg scramble generously doused in Tapatio hot sauce.


I hope my pictures came out okay because I am now using my old Sony camera that I got for high school  graduation (thanks Richard!). I left both clubs I attended that night a long voicemail clearly stating them to call me back so lets cross our fingers and hope that my camera is safe and sound!

Have a wonderful day and I will since it's such a beautiful day!

a n n i e


  1. Working out at night will definitely work up your appetite in the morning. Have a lovely Friday, dear!

  2. That is one fabulous breakfast! I haven't had tater tots in SO long! Now I'm craving them :) The pictures look great! Have a nice weekend