Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last night, I spent an hour at night just reading all the letters Richard and I exchanged since 2004. It makes me kinda sad that the way he used to feel about me isn't how he feels now.


I turned to one thing that has been helping me feel better: food!
 I had leftover spaghetti sauce mixed with brussel sprouts and a ton of parmesan cheese. I love steamed brussel sprouts with my pasta. It makes it so fabulous!
 Then for breakfast, I had the break of champions: pizza. It reminds me of high school and during 1st and 2nd period I would go over to a kiosk and get a breakfast pizza. I don't know why it was called breakfast pizza because there was nothing breakfast-y about it. Of course I had a cup of joe with it.
Then I found this while reading old letters! I look at this picture and realized that I actually lost more weight than I was in high school! I love my prom dress! It was a 2006 spring collection D&G bustier cocktail dress with camel Jimmy Choo slingback heels.

I remember I hated my hair! It was suppose to look like this:

(image taken from
 Instead I got a crunchy looking, too much hairspray with crazy curls in the back. I paid the lady $80.00 and I couldn't even get it re-done since I had a violin recital right after. I cried for about 10 minutes before getting it somewhat fixed by my friend.

Some people shouldn't do hair for a living. Just saying.

Anyways, I am going to walk the dogs and run some errands!

Good day!

a n n i e

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  1. I love reading old letters and notes - it's so fun to find stuff!