Saturday, January 29, 2011

My butt hurts

I am beginning to think this time off is a blessing. I've really cleared my head and have been less stressed than I have been for awhile. My mom just told me to relax since I have been going to school and work since I was 16! Do the math and it's basically almost 7 years that I haven't had an elementary school-like summer vacation. Just nothing and forget what day it is and enjoy every morning by taking my time in making breakfast and drink a venti-sized coffee.

I've also had time to make sure my dogs are pooped at the dog park. I also meet some cute and funny doggies along the way.
 Like this little pitbull. He will come up to the waterbowl, drop his ball and plop on the floor while drinking his water. He made a HUGE plop noise. What a cutie.
 Another cutie is Titan! Does any of your dogs stick out their tongue and leave it out for awhile? Titan is such a huge tongue-sticker-outer and I have ALOT of pictures of him sticking out his tongue. Such a cutie patootie.

So I finally took my kid's road bike and finally hit the trails! Richard and I set off to do the San Andrea's trail and it was really beautiful! There were plenty of deer just eating and they were so close to us that it awed me. I was just astonished that wild animal and humans can coexist in the same area and not be such a big deal.
We rode to the start and end of the trail and back so it was approximately 12 miles. I may look miserable but I was actually having fun! It started to get really drizzly for most of the time but it was good! I am actually going to go as much as I can and hopefully I will be able to conquer the steep hills like Richard did today.

Anyways, this little biker chick is pooped and I will be preparing a huge trail run tomorrow with the beloved. As for now I need to sit on a bag of frozen peas.

a n n i e


  1. What a beautiful day! You are so cute. I love Titan's little tongue! My pups don't do that but my Annie (hehe) does. I agree with your Mom. Relaxing probably isn't second nature for you but it does appear to be a really appropriate choice right now. xo Erin

  2. Much deserved relaxation :) I love seeing all of the dogs at the dog park...I just want to bring them all home with me! The biking sounds wonderful (worth the hurting behind ;)).