Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Minute Worries

It is currently 12 am and I have less than 12 hours to get ready for my weekend getaway with Richard and I am freaking out! I guess this is the result of waiting until the last minute to pack but I am missing a couple of important items such as my snowboarding jacket, gloves and probably something else I can't think of at the moment!


Anyways, it's been a stressful week for me.
 Hence the greasy cheesy fries with lemon aioli. That aioli is like crack and I almost cried while eating it. Amazingly at the mall, this is one of the cheapest items but it's very gourmet. At least to me.

I also went to dinner with a very good dear friend of mine and we had shabu shabu! It is becoming our routine and I seriously am addicted! I forgot what the name was or actually it was more of a I never bothered to see what the restaurant was called. All I know is that it is on Geary.
 Of course we got our favorite: spicy miso.
 The veggies that come with our entree.
Our dipping sauce: the grey looking matter is some ginger miso thing? The brown was a soy sauce type of dipping sauce? Either way, I really need to pay attention next time. I obviously got the vegetarian entree but wasn't very fond of the huge Shitake mushrooms that came with it, Luckily I was able to sub it with more tofu.

Like always, I had the greatest night with my friend!

On another note, I have been going to therapy with Richard every week and although there is some progress, I have not been getting better. I now have panic attacks and have anxiety and I mostly stress out. It is to the point where it is physically affecting me and now my therapist wants to discuss being on medication. I came home and cried wondering how I've become like this. Although I don't want to be on medication I dont see that I can cure my anxiety with my mental state. Please give me your two cents and tell me how you feel about medication, or help me find out solutions to reduce this!

I think I will be going to sleep and hopefully I can wake up with a fresh mind and be able to pack all the things I need.


a n n i e

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