Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot Child in the City

Oh unemployment, what shall we do with our friendship?

Clean, cook, take the dogs out to the park for hours at a time?

I am already going stircrazy girls! There are so many hours in the day where I'm just netflixing and reading blogs but it gets redundant and boring.

So I've revved up my resume (well Richard helped a lot hehe) and applied to a couple of admin jobs just to gain some experience in the office. I'm still debating whether or not I want to work for the SPCA because my mom thinks my heart is too weak at this point to deal with it but I've applied for an executive assistant position for the CEO of a renewable petroleum company right near my house. I am hoping to get this job just because, hello?! I'm totally gonna help someone find a renewable petroleum source!

Anywho, after so many hours of doing all the mundane tasks and surfing the web, I decided to go out with friends!!

I'm not usually a clubber, I would just get drunk at bars with a couple of my besties and that will be that but my friend Jacqueline (in the middle) loves to go clubbing and I haven't seen her in a few months. Either way, we got in free and we had a ton of fun.
I also lost my camera at the club, got hit on by some ugly guys, and my feet hurt by the end of the night.
 Big mistake right there:a long island. I had two (didn't want to get drunk) but woke up this morning dehydrated and had to have soup right away!
Made my mom's bean sprout soup with a ton of bean sprouts and chili flakes. Seriously, it healed my soul.

Oh and also Richard and I signed up to do Chains of Love marathon at San Luis Obispo! It's during Valentine's weekend and we are running 10k and supposedly we're suppose to hold hands before crossing the finish line. It's also for a good cause. Let me do the research and tell you what the cause is (D'oh!).

Well, I will be doing laundry (yay!! <--sarcastic humor!) and taking my little poopies out to the park to stretch out their legs.

Good day!

a n n i e

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